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Section 10 - Decommissioning, Dismantling And Disposal; General - Quantech QTC4 STYLE A Series Installation Operation & Maintenance

Air-cooled screw liquid chillers with variable speed drive, 150 - 500 tons, 525 - 1750 kw, 2 compressor, 60 hz.
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ISSUE DATE: 4/2/2018


Never release refrigerant to the atmo-
sphere when emptying the refrigerating
circuits. Suitable retrieval equipment
must be used. If reclaimed refrigerant
cannot be reused. It must be returned to
the manufacturer.
Never discard used compressor oil, as it
contains refrigerant in solution. Return
used oil to the oil manufacturer.
Never discard used compressor oil, as it contains
refrigerant in solution. Return used oil to the oil manu-
Unless otherwise indicated, the operations described
below can be performed by any properly trained main-
tenance technician.


Isolate all sources of electrical supply to the unit in-
cluding any control system supplies switched by the
unit. Ensure that all points of isolation are secured in
the 'OFF' position. The supply cables may then be
disconnected and removed. For connection points refer
Remove all refrigerant from each system of the unit
into a suitable container using a refrigerant reclaim or
recovery unit. This refrigerant may then be re-used, if
appropriate, or returned to the manufacturer for dis-
posal. Under NO circumstances should refrigerant be
vented to atmosphere. Drain the refrigerant oil from
each system into a suitable container and dispose of
according to local laws and regulations governing the
disposal of oily wastes. Any spilt oil should be mopped
up and similarly disposed of.
Isolate the unit heat exchanger from the external wa-
ter systems and drain the heat exchanger section of the
system. If no isolation valves are installed it may be
necessary to drain the complete system.
If glycol or similar solutions have been
used in the water system, or chemical
additives are contained, the solution
MUST be disposed of in a suitable and
safe manner. Under NO circumstances
should any system containing glycol or
similar solutions be drained directly into
domestic waste or natural water systems.
After draining, the water pipework can be disconnect-
ed and removed.
Packaged units can generally be removed in one piece
after disconnection as above. Any fixing down bolts
should be removed and then the unit should be lifted
from position using the points provided and equipment
of adequate lifting capacity.
Reference should be made to SECTION 4 - INSTAL-
LATION for unit installation instructions, SECTION 9
- MAINTENANCE for unit weights and SECTION 3 -
Units which cannot be removed in one piece after dis-
connection as above must be dismantled in position.
Special care should be taken regarding the weight and
handling of each component. Where possible units
should be dismantled in the reverse order of installa-
Residual refrigerant oil and glycol or sim-
ilar solutions may remain in some parts
of the system. These should be mopped
up and disposed of as described above.
It is important to ensure that while components are be-
ing removed the remaining parts are supported in a safe
Only use lifting equipment of adequate
After removal from position the unit parts may be dis-
posed of according to local laws and regulations.


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