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Table of Contents
8.2 Activating and deactivating
the oven
It depends on the model if
your appliance has knob
symbols, indicators or
• The indicator comes on
when the oven heats up.
• The lamp comes on when
the oven operates.
• The symbol shows
whether the knob controls
one of the cooking zones,
the oven functions or the
1. Turn the knob for the oven functions
to select an oven function.
2. Turn the knob for the temperature to
select a temperature.
3. To deactivate the oven turn the
knobs for the oven functions and
temperature to the off position.
8.3 Cooling fan
When the oven operates, the cooling fan
turns on automatically to keep the
surfaces of the oven cool. If you turn off
the oven, the cooling fan stops.
8.4 Inserting the oven
Deep pan:
Push the deep pan between the guide
bars of the shelf support.
Wire shelf and the deep pan together:
Push the deep pan between the guide
bars of the shelf support and the wire
shelf on the guide bars above.
• All accessories have
small indentations at the
top of the right and left
side to increase safety.
The indentations are also
anti-tip devices.
• The high rim around the
shelf is a device which
prevents cookware from

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents