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Table of Contents
1. Open the door fully.
2. Move the slider until you hear a click.
3. Close the door until the slider locks.
4. Remove the door.
To remove the door, pull the door
outwards first from one side, and
then the other.
When the cleaning procedure is
completed, insert the oven door in the
opposite sequence. Make sure that you
hear a click when you insert the door.
Use force if necessary.
10.5 Removing and cleaning
the door glasses
The door glass in your
product can be different in
type and shape from the
examples you see in the
images. The number of
glasses can also be
1. Hold the door trim B on the top edge
of the door at the two sides and push
inwards to release the clip seal.
2. Pull the door trim to the front to
remove it.
3. Hold the door glass panels on their
top edge one by one and pull them
upwards from the guide.
4. Clean the door glass panels.
To install panels, do the same steps in
10.6 Replacing the lamp
Risk of electric shock.
The lamp can be hot.
1. Turn off the oven.
Wait until the oven is cooled down.
2. Disconnect the oven from the mains.
3. Put a cloth on the bottom of the
The back lamp
The lamp glass cover is at
the back of the cavity.
1. Turn the lamp glass cover
counterclockwise to remove it.
2. Clean the glass cover.
3. Replace the oven lamp with a
suitable 300 °C heat-resistant oven
Use the same oven lamp type.
4. Install the glass cover.
10.7 Removing the drawer
When the oven is in use,
heat can build up in the
drawer. Do not keep
flammable things in there
(e.g. cleaning materials,
plastic bags, oven gloves,
paper, cleaning sprays, etc.).
The drawer below the oven can be
removed for cleaning.
1. Pull the drawer out until it stops.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents