Electrolux EKC96150AX User Manual page 12

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Oven function
True Fan Cooking
Pizza Setting
Conventional Cook‐
Fast Grilling
Turbo Grilling
Moist Fan Baking
To bake on up to two shelf positions at the same
time and to dry food.
Set the temperature 20 - 40 °C lower than for
Conventional Cooking.
To bake food on one shelf position for a more in‐
tensive browning and a crispy bottom.
To bake and roast food on one shelf position.
To dry sliced fruit, vegetables and mushrooms.
To grill flat food in large quantities and to toast
To roast larger meat joints or poultry with bones
on one shelf position. Also to make gratins and
to brown.
This function is designed to save energy during
cooking. For the cooking instructions refer to
"Hints and tips" chapter, Moist Fan Baking. The
oven door should be closed during cooking so
that the function is not interrupted and to ensure
that the oven operates with the highest energy
efficiency possible. When you use this function,
the temperature in the cavity may differ from the
set temperature. The heating power may be re‐
duced. For general energy saving recommenda‐
tions refer to "Energy Efficiency" chapter, Energy
Saving. This function was used to comply with
the energy efficiency class according to EN
60350-1. When you use this function the lamp
automatically turns off.



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