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Mounting And Connecting; Mounting A Reader - Siemens AR50M-MF User Manual

Mullion reader


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5 Mounting and connecting

The mullion readers are surface-mounted readers. The readers can be mounted with cables led through the
back of the unit or led in from either side through knockout gaps.
For wiring details please refer to:
Connecting the cables on page 13.

5.1 Mounting a reader

To ensure a close fit, mount the reader on a flat surface.
To attach the base to a surface:
1. Make a small hole in the back of the base gasket (item1 in the diagram below). Use this hole to feed
the cable through the gasket and into the reader base.
2. Attach the base to the wall with three screws: one in the middle at the top of the base, and one in
each of the corners at the bottom of the base.
3. If tamper protection is required, fix the screw (item 3) into the tamper base (item 2).
Do not over tighten the screw as this can damage the tamper base.
4. Continue to follow the instructions detailed in Connecting the cables on page 13.
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Cable entry through base gasket
Tamper screw
Tamper base

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