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Setting Osdp Address For The Reader; Connecting The Reader To Sipass Integrated In Wiegand Mode - Siemens AR50M-MF User Manual

Mullion reader


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Mullion Reader – User Manual

9.2 Setting OSDP address for the reader

You can set the reader address to 1 (default setting), 2 , or programmed with a value from 1 to 8 using the
Jumper. Place the Jumper in one of the three positions shown in the diagram below to achieve the desired
address. Additional addresses are automatically assigned by the controller from 3 to 8 following the order
in which the readers are powered up.
When the reader is first powered up, the yellow LED flashes. The flashing lights stop when it is correctly
configured to SiPass integrated. This can be tested by holding a card next to the reader. A correctly
configured reader acknowledges the card according to the SiPass integrated settings.
Please note that a new reader will always get the next free bus address. For example, if a reader with bus
address 5 is removed and a new reader is installed, the new reader gets address 5.

9.3 Connecting the reader to SiPass integrated in Wiegand mode

For more detail on connecting the reader to SiPass integrated via Wiegand see Connecting the reader in
Wiegand mode on page 14.
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Connecting the reader to SiPass integrated

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