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Installation; Handling; Storage; Approvals Of Components - Honeywell Eclipse ImmersoPak IP005 Operating Instructions Manual


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In this section you will find the information and instructions
that you need to install the burner.


• Make sure that the area is clean.
• Use the appropriate support and handling
equipment when lifting the burner.
• Protect the components from the weather, damage,
dirt and moisture.
• Protect the components from excessive
temperatures and humidity.
• Take care not to drop or damage components.


• Make sure that the components are clean and free
of damage.
• Store the components in a cool, clean, dry room.
• After you have made sure that everything is present
and in good condition, keep the components in the
original package as long as possible.
Approval of Components
Limit Controls & Safety Equipment
All limit controls and safety equipment must comply with
all applicable local codes and/or standards and must be
listed for combustion safety by an independent testing
agency. Typical application examples include:
• American: NFPA 86 with listing marks from UL, FM,
• European: EN 746-2 with CE mark from TuV,
Gastec, Advantica
Electrical Wiring
All the electrical wiring must comply with all applicable
local codes and/or standards such as:
• NFPA Standard 70
• ANSI-C11981
• EN 746-2
Gas Piping
All the gas piping must comply with all applicable local
codes and/or standards such as:
• NFPA Standard 54
• ANSI Z223
• EN 746-2
Where to Get the Standards:
The NFPA Standards are available from:
National Fire Protection Agency
Batterymarch Park
Quincy, MA 02269
The ANSI Standards are available from:
American National Standard Institute
1430 Broadway
New York, NY 10018
The UL Standards are available from:
333 Pfingsten Road
Northbrook, IL 60062
The FM Standards are available from:
1151 Boston-Providence Turnpike
PO Box 9102
Norwood, MA 02062
Information on the EN standards and where to get
them is available from:
Comité Européen de Normalisation
Stassartstraat 36
B-1050 Brussels
Phone: +32-25196811
Fax: +32-25196819
Comité Européen de Normalisation Electronique
Stassartstraat 36
B-1050 Brussels
Phone: +32-25196871
Fax: +32-25196919

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