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Installation Instructions; Burner Mounting - Honeywell MAXON VALUPAK-II Series Technical Catalogue

Low temperature burners


Table of Contents

Installation instructions

Instructions provided by the company or individual
responsible for the manufacture and/or overall installation
of a complete system incorporating MAXON burners take
precedence over the installation and operating
instructions provided by MAXON. If any of the instructions
provided by MAXON are in conflict with local codes or
regulations, please contact MAXON before initial start-up
of equipment.
Read the combustion system manual carefully
before initiating the start-up and adjustment
Verify that all of the equipment associated with and
necessary to the safe operation of the burner system has
been installed correctly, that all pre-commissioning
checks have been carried out successfully and that all
safety related aspects of the installation are properly
Do not discard packing material until loose items are
accounted for. To prevent damage in transit spark ignitor
and linkage (if any) are shipped "loose".

Burner mounting

See sketch page 8. Burner may be mounted in any position
suitable for automatic control motor and UV scanner.
Burner will typically be installed through an oven wall or
insulated air duct. Cut opening at least 25 mm larger in
diameter than discharge sleeve to allow for sleeve
Additional burner support may be required in conjunction
with a stiffener plate to support burner package weight
(20-25 kg). Four 13 mm diameter holes into panels flange
accept 10 mm stud bolts welded to panels or stiffener.
seal welding of burner flange to stiffener plate at
(A) may cause warpage of burner flange and
require additional seal material to prevent
For push-through systems, area (A, see drawing page 8)
should be sealed with additional gasketing or high
temperature packing, to prevent back flow of high
temperature air. Fill area (B, see drawing page 8) with no
more than 50 mm of high temperature packing (too little
will overheat mounting, too much will overheat sleeve).
For pull-through systems, spacers may be installed on
stud bolts and area (B, see drawing page 8) left empty to
permit cooling air past the sleeve.
Four lock screws permit centering mixing cone within
burner body and sleeve. They should be drawn up hand-
tight, then backed out 180° to allow for cone expansion.
E - m - 6/18
They must be rechecked after start-up and loosened if
necessary to prevent deformation of cone. See start-up
instruction for details.
Tightening can lead to cone distortion and greatly reduced
cone and discharge sleeve life.
Discharge sleeve must be flush with, or extended beyond
interior wall.
A viewing port should be provided for flame observation in
such a position that burner flame can be fully seen.
Installer must comply with all applicable codes
and standards. Observe required space for parts

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents