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Troubleshooting Procedures - Honeywell Eclipse ImmersoPak IP005 Operating Instructions Manual


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The nozzle and combustion tube/block can be inspected
without removing the burner from the chamber wall or
entering the chamber. Perform the following:
a.Shut the burner off and manually close the main gas
shut off cocks.
b.Allow the chamber temperature to cool down to
250°F (121°C).
c.Disconnect the gas piping at a union or the gas inlet
flange  provided on the burner.
d.Remove the four bolts .
e.Remove the rear cover  from the burner housing
f.To re-assemble, follow this sequence in the reverse

Troubleshooting Procedures

Start-up sequence runs but
burner does not light.
Possible Cause
No ignition; there is no power to the
ignition transformer.
No ignition; open circuit between the
ignition transformer and the igniter.
No ignition; the igniter needs cleaning.
No ignition; the igniter is not correctly
grounded to the burner.
No ignition; igniter insulator is broken.
Igniter is grounding out.
Not enough gas; the gas pressure going
into the ratio regulator is too low.
Not enough gas; the impulse line to the
ratio regulator is leaking.
Not enough gas; the pilot adjusting valve
or bypass valve is not open far enough.
Not enough gas; start gas solenoid valve
does not open.
Restore the power to the ignition
Repair or replace the wiring to the igniter.
Clean the igniter.
Clean the threads on the igniter and the
NOTE: Do not apply grease to the threads
on the igniter.
Inspect the igniter. Replace if broken.
Check the start-up settings. Measure the
gas pressures and adjust where
Repair any leaks.
Adjust bypass or low fire gas.
Check the solenoid valve coil for proper
operation. Replace it if necessary.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents