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Honeywell Eclipse ImmersoPak IP005 Operating Instructions Manual page 16


Table of Contents
Start-up sequence runs but
burner does not light.
The low fire flame is weak or
The burner goes out when it
cycles to high fire.
The burner is erratic and does
not respond to adjustment.
The burner is unstable or
produces soot, smoke, or
excessive carbon monoxide.
The burner cannot achieve full
Possible Cause
Not enough gas; gas valve does not open. Check the wiring to the automatic gas
Not enough gas; ratio regulator is
incorrectly set.
No flame signal;
Broken flamerod or
UV scanner lens.
No flame signal; spark plug and flamerod
Too much gas; wrong or missing burner
fuel orifice.
Not enough gas flowing to the burner.
Not enough air.
Not enough gas pressure into the ratio
Loading line to the ratio regulator is leaking. Repair the leak in the loading line.
Internal damage to the burner; some parts
inside the burner are loose, dirty, or
burned out.
The air/gas ratio is out of adjustment.
Air filter is blocked.
Gas pressure going into the ratio regulator
is too low.
Tube back pressure is limiting
shut-off valve.
Check the output from the flame
Open manual gas cock.
Adjust the ratio regulator to the proper
Inspect and clean sensor.
Replace if necessary.
Exchange spark plug/flamerod or their
Check ImmersoPak Datasheets, series
360 for fuel orifice and the given fuel.
Adjust the ratio regulator to increase the
gas flow.
Check for proper blower rotation.
Check air filter for blockage.
Compensate for chamber by opening the
low fire air butterfly valve position.
Check the start-up settings.
Measure the gas pressures and adjust
them where necessary.
Check for valve train pressure loss.
Contact your Eclipse representative or
Eclipse for further information.
Measure all the gas pressures and air
pressures. Compare these pressures to
the documented initial start-up settings and
adjust them where necessary.
Clean or replace the air filter.
Adjust the gas pressure.
Review system design.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents