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Checklist After Installation - Honeywell Eclipse ImmersoPak IP005 Operating Instructions Manual


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Control Motor
Install a control motor to modulate the air butterfly valve if
not previously installed on the burner.
Figure 3.3.
NOTE: Be sure the control motor shaft and air butterfly
valve shaft are aligned properly. If using an Eclipse
Actuator Mounting Parts Kit, the supplied washers may be
used as shims (stacked 0, 1, or 2 high) to ensure proper
alignment. Additionally, a flexible coupling can be used to
handle minor misalignment.
Install the Flame Sensor
1. Install the flame sensor into the 1/2" NPT opening in the
rear cover.
2. Make sure that you connect the flame sensor of a
burner to the electrical circuit of that burner.
■ If you connect the flame sensor of a burner to the
electrical circuit of the wrong burner, then you can
cause fires and explosions.
There are two different types of flame sensors: UV
scanner and flamerod.
■ Adjustments may vary from Eclipse published
values if the flame controls other than those
recommended in the Design Guide are used.
Consult with the engineer who specified the
alternate control for limitations.
UV Scanner
For detailed information on how to install and connect a
UV scanner, refer to scanner information guide.
Flame Rod
If the flame rod option was selected when the burner was
ordered, the burner will be delivered with the flame rod
already installed on the burner.
NOTE: Only specific burner sizes are capable of using a
flame rod. These models are IP004, 005, and 006.
For detailed information on how to install and connect a
flame rod, refer to:
• Bulletin / Info Guide 832
Spark Rod
Spark Rod
Flame Rod or
UV Scanner
Figure 3.4.

Checklist After Installation

To verify proper system installation, do the following:
1. Make sure that there are no leaks in the gas and air
2. Make sure all the components of the flame monitoring
control system are properly installed. This includes
verifying that all switches are installed in correct
locations and all wiring, pressure and impulse lines are
properly connected.
3. Make sure components of spark ignition system are
installed and functioning properly.
4. Make sure that the blower rotates in the correct
direction. If incorrect, have a qualified electrician rewire
the blower to reverse its rotation.
5. Make sure all valves are installed in the proper location
and correctly oriented relative to the gas or air flow

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