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Step 2: Verify The Air Flow; Step 3: Set Low Fire Air; Step 4: Ignite The Burner - Honeywell Eclipse ImmersoPak IP005 Operating Instructions Manual


Table of Contents
Step 2:
Verify Air Flow
Tap "D"
Tap "B"
Figure 4.2. Pressure Tap Locations
1. Set the system to high fire, but DO NOT ignite the
2. Start the combustion air blower.
3. Use the data from the appropriate ImmersoPak
datasheet to find the static air pressure at high fire. This
is now the target value for high fire.
NOTE: Tube back pressure may limit the burner from
reaching the datasheet value.
NOTE: A pressure tap is open when the screw inside the
tap is unscrewed approximately half a turn.
a.Make sure that pressure tap A is open.
b.Connect the manometer to tap A.
c.Verify target value from step 3 above. Verify that the
slot on the end of the butterfly valve shaft (if
applicable) is parallel to flow (fully open). If
necessary, adjust the control motor travel for high
Step 3:
Set low fire air
Figure 4.3. Air BV Adjustment
Tap "A"
Fixed Air
(Options 1,3 & 4)
Tap "A"
Modulating Air
(Option 2)
1. Start combustion air blower.
2. Drive control motor to low fire position.
3. Set low fire air.
a.Loosen the set screw
NOTE: There is a slot in the end of the BV shaft that is
parallel to the air damper. This slot is used for visual
indication of the BV position. The BV is closed when the
shaft slot is perpendicular to the direction of air flow
through the BV.
BV shaft shown in
closed position
Figure 4.4. Air BV Shaft
b.Rotate air BV shaft to fully closed position. (Holes in
BV damper will supply low fire air.)
c.Hold BV shaft firmly in place and tighten set screw
4. Verify high fire air.
5. Return the control motor to the low fire position.
6. Close the pressure taps.
Step 4:
Ignite the burner
■ This procedure is written with the assumption the
burner has a flame monitoring control system
installed and operating. A proper purge cycle must
be part of the system and purge timing should not
be bypassed.
Determine system layout and use the applicable ignition
procedure. See Figure 4.5.
 on burner side of coupling

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