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Checklist Before Installation - Honeywell Eclipse ImmersoPak IP005 Operating Instructions Manual

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Checklist Before Installation

To admit fresh combustion air from outdoors, provide an
opening in the room of at least one square inch per 4,000
BTU/hr (6 cm
per 1 kW). If there are corrosive fumes or
materials in the air, then supply the burner with clean air
from an uncontaminated area, or provide a sufficient air
filtering system.
Do not allow exhaust to accumulate in the work area.
Provide some positive means for exhausting them from
the furnace and the building.
Make sure that you install the burner in such a way that
you can get easy access for inspection and maintenance.
Make sure the local environment matches the original
operating specifications. Check the following items:
• Voltage, frequency and stability of the electrical
• Type and supply pressure of the fuel
• Availability of enough fresh, clean combustion air
• Humidity, altitude and temperature of air
• Presence of damaging corrosive gases in the air
• Prevent direct exposure to water
Install the Burner
Bolt the burner to the immersion tank wall or immersion
tube flange. For bolt hole patterns, see the datasheet for
your ImmersoPak model.
■ If adapters are used, burner flange should not be
spaced further than 4" from tank wall.
4 x Ø 12mm (0.47")
Figure 3.1. Bolt Hole Pattern
Bolt Circle Ø
(See appropriate
Tank wall
Make sure that the wall of the tank is strong enough to
carry the weight of the burner. If necessary, reinforce the
tank wall area where you plan to install the burner.
Burner Piping
The burner is factory assembled and shipped as ordered.
Figure 3.2.
It is not recommended to redirect piping. If
necessary, be sure the:
• Ratio regulator spring column  is pointing down.
• Arrow on the ratio regulator points in the direction of
gas flow.
• Integral fuel orifice and o-rings  are re-installed.
• Same straight runs of pipe  remains between the
ratio regulator and the burner.
• IP004 and IP005 burners may contain BSP or NPT
transition piping.
Supply Piping
Install the piping using the following steps:
• Locate the valve train close to the burner. The gas
must reach the burner during the fixed trial for
• Sufficiently size shut off valves in the valve train.
• Make sure piping is large enough.
• Minimize piping elbows.
Pipe Connections
• Installation of a pipe union in the gas line is
recommended to simplify burner removal.
• Use of flexible pipe is optional.


Table of Contents

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