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Installation Instructions; Burner Mounting - Honeywell Maxon OT FHR Manual


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Dual fuel burners - OXY-THERM
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Installation instructions

Please read the operating and mounting instructions before using the equipment. Install the equipment in
compliance with the prevailing regulations.
Bedrijfs- en montagehandleiding voor gebruik goed lezen! Apparaat moet volgens de geldende voorschriften
worden geïnstalleerd.
Lire les instructions de montage et de service avant utilisation! L'appareil doit imperativement être installé selon
les règlementations en vigueur.
Betriebs- und Montageanleitung vor Gebrauch lesen! Gerät muß nach den geltenden Vorschriften installiert
FHR burners shall be stored dry (inside). Burner blocks have been cured carefully before shipment and shall be
kept dry. Wetting of the blocks could result in premature failures.
FHR burners are shipped as complete units. Handle burners with care, using proper equipment, during unpacking,
transport, lifting and installation. Any impact on the burner could result in damage.

Burner mounting

The views on the next page show two possible methods for mounting and holding an OXY-THERM
assembly in place.
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FHR burner block and frame


Table of Contents

Table of Contents