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Adjustment, Start & Stop; Step 1: Reset The System - Honeywell Eclipse ImmersoPak IP005 Operating Instructions Manual


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Adjustment, Start
and Stop
In this chapter you will find instructions on how to adjust a
system, and how to start and stop a system.
■ Do not bypass any safety feature. You can cause
fires and explosions.

Step 1: Reset the System

1. Set the air flow switch so that it drops out at 20% below
the maximum pressure of the combustion air blower.
2. Set the low gas pressure switch at 20% below the gas
pressure measured at the inlet to the main gas valve
3. Set the high gas pressure switch at 20% above the gas
pressure measured at the inlet to the main gas valve
4. Close all the burner (and by-pass pilot, if applicable)
gas valves, manual and automatic.
5. Start the combustion air blower.
6. Try to ignite the burner; be sure the flame monitoring
system indicates a flame failure.
■ Make sure blower rotates in the correct direction.
If incorrect, have a qualified electrician rewire the
blower to reverse it.
7. Activate the pressure switches and other limit
interlocks. Be sure the switches fail as intended in the
event of a power failure.
■ If simulated limits or simulated flame failures do
not shut down the fuel system within the required
failure response time, immediately correct the
problem before proceeding.
8. Adjust main gas inlet pressure to the ratio regulator
within the range specified in the appropriate datasheet.
■ Gas inlet pressures must stay within the specified
range. Pressure above the specified range can
damage the ratio regulator.
■ Pressure below the specified range can impair the
ability of the ratio regulator to control the gas flow.
■ Operating the system outside the specified range
can cause excess fuel consumption and the
possible accumulation of unburned fuel in the
■ In extreme cases, this accumulation of unburned
fuel may cause fires or explosions.
9. With modulating air burners, verify that the actuator
opens the air BV towards the back of the burner as
shown. If it doesn't, refer to the actuator's literature for
instructions on how to reverse the direction.
direction only
Figure 4.1. Air BV
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