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Sony TRIMASTER HX BVM-HX310 Operating Instructions Manual Page 35

Professional video monitor.
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Sets the position of the time code
Top (Default value)
Sets the background transparency of
the time code display.
Black: The background becomes
Half: The background becomes
Quad View Setting
Quad View Display
Sets the Quad View On or Off.
On: Displays in Quad View.
Off: Turns off the Quad View
function. (Default value)
Input Port
Select the input signal for Quad View.
SDI1/HDMI: Displays the 2K/HD
SDI2/HDMI: Displays the 2K/HD
Screen Setting
translucent. (Default value)
signal input from the SDI 1 IN
connector and HDMI IN
connector. (Default value)
signal input from the SDI 2 IN
connector and HDMI IN
Screen A Setting to
Select the Input Setting.
Screen D Setting
About the Quad View setting
When Quad View is set to "On," the screen is
divided into four parts.
The signal equivalent to HDMI/SDI 4K cannot
be displayed with Quad View.
Only one Input Setting per input terminal can
be displayed simultaneously.
Example: If "Input Setting1" and "Input
Setting2" is set to the same SDI1 input
connector 1, they cannot be displayed at same
time. To compare the same image, input the
image of input connector 1 to the other
connector and set "Input Setting2" to the input
When a combination which cannot be
displayed simultaneously is set, the screen
which can be displayed is displayed in order
from Screen A.
If the screen cannot be displayed, it turns black
and the "Invalid Input Combination" message
is displayed.
Time code is displayed on only the signal that
is input to Screen A.
The audio signal input on Screen A is output.
The drive frequency of the panel changes to
the same as Screen A.
SDI 2K/HD In. Setting1
SDI 2K/HD In. Setting2
SDI 2K/HD In. Setting3
SDI 2K/HD In. Setting4
SDI 2K/HD In. Setting5
SDI 2K/HD In. Setting6
SDI 2K/HD In. Setting7
SDI 2K/HD In. Setting8
HDMI Input Setting1
HDMI Input Setting2
HDMI Input Setting3
HDMI Input Setting4
HDMI Input Setting5
HDMI Input Setting6
HDMI Input Setting7
HDMI Input Setting8


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