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Sony TRIMASTER HX BVM-HX310 Operating Instructions Manual Page 29

Professional video monitor.
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HDMI Format
HDMI Signal
Change the setting to receive images
in a high-resolution HDMI signal
1) Signals in resolutions of 3840 × 2160
or 4096 × 2160 are listed below:
4:4:4 RGB/YCbCr-50P/60P-8bit
4:2:2 YCbCr-50P/60P-12bit signals
4:4:4 RGB/YCbCr-24P/25P/30P-10/
12bit signals
Standard Format: Select to use for a
Enhanced Format: Select to use for
Images and sounds may not be
output correctly with "Enhanced
Format." In that case, select
"Standard Format."
To display the corresponding signal
with "Enhanced Format," use a
Premium High-Speed HDMI cable
within a length of 3 meters (Sony
product recommended).
Function Button Setting
F1 to F7
Assigns functions to the function
buttons of the front panel and turns
the function on or off.
The "Function Button Setting" menu
can also be displayed by pressing and
holding the function button, and the
setting can be changed. Note that you
cannot move to the other menu.
About functions that can be assigned to the
function buttons on the unit and the buttons 1 to
9 on the controller
Press the button to display a monochrome
picture. When the button is pressed again, the
monitor switches automatically to color mode.
standard HDMI format signal.
(Default value)
a high-resolution HDMI format
Blue Only
Press the button to eliminate the red and green
signals. Only the blue signal is displayed as an
apparent monochrome picture on the screen.
This facilitates observation of signal noise.
Native Scan
Press the button to switch between the image
with the scaling display (Off) and the image
displayed directly from pixels (On).
When Native Scan is selected, 2K resolution
signals are displayed while enlarged
horizontally and vertically with the following
proportion (repeating pixel values).
– 1280 × 720 signal: × 3
– Others: × 2
640 × 480/60P, 720 × 480/60P, and 720 × 576/
50P signals for HDMI are not enlarged up to the
end of the display.
Audio Muting
Press to turn off the sound from the headphone
output. To turn on the sound, press this once
again or turn the volume up adjusting "Volume"
of the "User Preset Setting menu" (page 19).
R Off
Press the button to turn off the R (red) signal.
G Off
Press the button to turn off the G (green) signal.
B Off
Press the button to turn off the B (blue) signal.
Character Off
Press the button to hide the menu while
adjusting the picture. When the button is
pressed again, the monitor switches to the
previous display.
Internal Signal
Press the button to display the internal signal.
Internal Signal Pattern
Press the button to change the pattern of the
internal signal when the internal signal is
displayed. With every press of the button, the
picture switches to "PLUGE," "Gray," "White," "5
Step," "Ramp," and "Color Bars," in this order.
Press the button to display with the interlace.


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