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AEG 10366MM-MN User Manual page 7

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• Used oil, that can contain food
remnants, can cause fire at a lower
temperature than oil used for the first
• Do not put flammable products or
items that are wet with flammable
products in, near or on the appliance.
• Do not let sparks or open flames to
come in contact with the appliance
when you open the door.
• Open the appliance door carefully.
The use of ingredients with alcohol
can cause a mixture of alcohol and air.
Risk of damage to the
• To prevent damage or discoloration
to the enamel:
– do not put ovenware or other
objects in the appliance directly
on the bottom.
– do not put water directly into the
hot appliance.
– do not keep moist dishes and
food in the appliance after you
finish the cooking.
– be careful when you remove or
install the accessories.
• Discoloration of the enamel has no
effect on the performance of the
• Use a deep pan for moist cakes. Fruit
juices cause stains that can be
• Do not keep hot cookware on the
control panel.
• Do not let cookware boil dry.
• Be careful not to let objects or
cookware fall on the appliance. The
surface can be damaged.
• Do not activate the cooking zones
with empty cookware or without
• Do not put aluminium foil on the
appliance or directly on the bottom of
the appliance.
• Cookware made of cast iron,
aluminium or with a damaged bottom
can cause scratches. Always lift these
objects up when you have to move
them on the cooking surface.
• Provide good ventilation in the room
where the appliance is installed.
• Use only stable cookware with the
correct shape and diameter larger
than the dimensions of the burners.
• Make sure the flame does not go out
when you quickly turn the knob from
the maximum to the minimum
• Use only the accessories supplied
with the appliance.
• Do not install a flame diffuser on the
• This appliance is for cooking
purposes only. It must not be used for
other purposes, for example room
• If you smell gas:
– Turn off gas supply at bottle
– Do not smoke
– Extinguish all naked flames
– Do not touch any electrical
– Keep natural ventilation holes
– Open doors and windows to get
rid of the gas
– Check for gas leaks and refer to
the gas connection chapter
If odour continues, keep away from
the appliance and immediately call
your gas supplier or fire department.
• Action to be taken in the event of a
burn back (fire in burner tube or
In the event of a burn-back, where the
flame burns back into the jet,
immediately turn off the gas supply at
the control valve on the panel. Ensure
that the flame is extinguished, wait for
a few minutes and re-light the burner
in normal manner.
If the problem occurs again, turn off
the main gas supply valve and contact
the Authorised Service Centre.
2.5 Care and Cleaning
Risk of injury, fire, or damage
to the appliance.
• Before maintenance, deactivate the
Disconnect the mains plug from the
mains socket.