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AEG 10366MM-MN User Manual page 30

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the building wiring, faulty
installations, and improper use of
controls or failure to use the
appliance in accordance with the
operating instructions and/or general
misuse and/or abuse, or if not used
for domestic purposes only, or for
damage caused by a superior force
(vis maior). Any repair or tampering
by an unauthorised person or
attempt to repair or tamper with the
equipment, or use of parts not
supplied by authorised agents, or
alterations or modification to the
equipment, shall render the warranty
null and void.
5. After the first 6 (six) months from the
date of purchase, this warranty does
not apply to light bulbs, loose glass,
glass oven doors and enamelled
surfaces, filters and other parts
subject to wear and tear or
discolouring, as well as damage
caused by abrasive and highly
concentrated cleaners and/or
cleaning materials or cleaners
prohibited by the user manual.
6. Electrolux shall not be responsible in
terms of this warranty for the
replacement or repair of any part of
the equipment which may have been
damaged in transit if delivery is
undertaken by any party other than
Electrolux or an authorised agent.
7. All gas appliances are to be installed
by a gas installer, registered with
SAQCC GAS. Electrical appliances
are to be installed by a qualified
electrician who is an authorised
service agent or assisted by an
authorised service agent from who
proof of installation will be required.
Service and Spares
In the event of your appliance requiring a service or if you wish to purchase spare parts,
contact your local Electrolux Service Centre by telephoning:
0800 222 825 (Tollfree in South Africa)
Help us to help you Please determine your type of enquiry before writing or telephoning.
When you contact us we need to know:
8. Repairs carried out under warranty
have a guarantee period of 3 (three)
months on the parts and labour
supplied to repair the unit and does
not extend the warranty nor does it
start a new warranty. Parts removed
during guarantee repairs become the
property of Electrolux.
9. After expiry of 6 (six) months from the
date of purchase the warranty shall
be available only to the original retail
purchaser of Electrolux domestic
appliances from an authorised
Electrolux Dealer or Distributor and
only where the appliance has been
retained for use in the Republic of
South Africa.
10. Failure to produce documentary
proof of the date of original
acquisition by the original purchaser
to Electrolux or an authorised service
agent, will result in normal charges
being levied for travel costs, the work
carried out and the parts supplied,
unless a production date can be
proved to be within the 6 (six)
months preceding the warranty
11. After 6 (six) months from the date of
purchase of the appliance the liability
of Electrolux under this warranty is
limited to the replacement and/or
repair of the defective parts within
the warranty period and does not
extend to the installation or removal
of the appliance.
0800 222 825