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AEG 17166GT-MN User Manual

AEG 17166GT-MN User Manual


User Manual



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  • Page 1 User Manual 17166GT-MN Cooker...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    14. ENERGY EFFICIENCY....................28 FOR PERFECT RESULTS Thank you for choosing this AEG product. We have created it to give you impeccable performance for many years, with innovative technologies that help make life simpler features you might not find on ordinary appliances. Please spend a few minutes reading to get the very best from it.
  • Page 3: Safety Information

    ENGLISH SAFETY INFORMATION Before the installation and use of the appliance, carefully read the supplied instructions. The manufacturer is not responsible if an incorrect installation and use causes injuries and damages. Always keep the instructions with the appliance for future reference.
  • Page 4: Safety Instructions

    Do not use a steam cleaner to clean the appliance. • Metallic objects such as knives, forks, spoons and lids • should not be placed on the hob surface since they can get hot. Remove any spillage from the lid before opening. Let •...
  • Page 5: Gas Connection

    ENGLISH • Do not install the appliance on a • Fully close the appliance door, before platform. you connect the mains plug to the • Do not install the appliance adjacent mains socket. to a door or under a window. This 2.3 Gas connection prevents hot cookware to fall from the appliance when the door or the...
  • Page 6 • The vapours that very hot oil releases • Provide good ventilation in the room can cause spontaneous combustion. where the appliance is installed. • Used oil, that can contain food • Use only stable cookware with the remnants, can cause fire at a lower...
  • Page 7 ENGLISH 2.8 Gas Grill • If you use an oven spray, obey the safety instructions on the packaging. • Do not clean the catalytic enamel (if WARNING! applicable) with any kind of Risk of fire, explosion and detergent. burns. • Do not clean the burners in the •...
  • Page 8: Product Description

    3. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION 3.1 General overview Control panel and hob Air vents for the cooling fan Grill Shelf support, removable Lamp Shelf positions 3.2 Cooking surface layout Steam outlet - number and position depend on the model Semi-rapid burner...
  • Page 9: Before First Use

    ENGLISH Use the trivet only with the Grill- / roasting pan. 4. BEFORE FIRST USE Press the to set the correct WARNING! time. Refer to Safety chapters. After approximately five seconds, the flashing stops and the display shows the 4.1 Initial Cleaning time of day.
  • Page 10 In the absence of electricity you can ignite the burner without an electrical device. In this case approach the burner with a flame, push the relevant knob down and turn it to maximum position. Keep the knob pushed for...
  • Page 11: Hob - Hints And Tips

    ENGLISH WARNING! WARNING! Always turn the flame down Always use the knob for the or switch it off before you hob to switch off a burner. remove the pans from the Do not use the lid as a cut- burner. off device.
  • Page 12: Oven - Daily Use

    7.2 Pan supports supports are aligned with the centre of the burner. The pan supports are not 7.3 Cleaning the hob resistant to washing in a dishwasher. They must be • Remove immediately: melted plastic, washed by hand. plastic foil, and food with sugar. If not, the dirt can cause damage to the hob.
  • Page 13 ENGLISH thermocouple warm up. If not, the If the oven burner gas flow is interrupted. accidentally goes out, turn 4. After ignition release the knob, close the knob for the oven the oven door and turn the knob to functions to the off position set the necessary heat setting.
  • Page 14 Oven function Application Ignition To activate the main oven. 1) min - 140 °C, 1 - 155°C, 2 - 160°C, 3 -175°C, 4 - 185°C, 5 - 215°C, 6 - 230°C, 7 - 240°C, 8 - 255°C, 9 - 270°C...
  • Page 15: Oven - Clock Functions

    ENGLISH 8.8 Trivet and Grill- / Roasting 2. Put the deep pan into the oven on the necessary shelf position. You can use the trivet to grill flat dishes in large quantities and to toast. WARNING! Be careful when you remove 1.
  • Page 16: Oven - Hints And Tips

    Button Function Description CLOCK To set a clock function. PLUS To set the time. 9.3 Setting the Minute Minder 4. Turn the knob for the oven functions and the knob for the temperature to Use this function to set a countdown the off position.
  • Page 17: Tips On Baking

    ENGLISH at first. If this occurs, do not change When you cook frozen food, the trays in the temperature setting. The the oven can twist during baking. When differences equalize during the the trays become cold again, the baking procedure. distortions are gone.
  • Page 18 Food Heat setting Total prepara- Shelf position tion time (min) Victoria Sandwich 18 - 25 Gingerbread 75 - 90 Flapjack 25 - 30 Shortbread 45 - 65 Fruit Pies, Crumbles 40 - 50 Milk Puddings 90 - 180 Scones...
  • Page 19 ENGLISH Food Heat setting Total preparation Shelf posi- time (min) tion Bread 25 - 30 2 - 3 Bread rolls / buns 15 - 20 3 - 4 Small / Queen Cake 18 - 25 1 + 4 Sponge 20 - 30 1 + 4 Victoria Sandwich 18 - 25...
  • Page 20 Food Heat setting Total preparation Shelf posi- time (min) tion Roast Potatoes 60 - 90 3 - 4 Large Yorkshire Puddings 25 - 40 3 - 4 Individual Yorkshire Puddings 15 - 25 3 - 4 1) When baking bread cook for 10 minutes at heat setting 8 then reduce to heat setting 6 for the remain- ing cook time.
  • Page 21: Oven - Care And Cleaning

    ENGLISH Food Heat setting Total preparation time (min) Shelf posi- tion Rabbit 20 minutes per 500g (1lb) and 20 mi- nutes over 10.9 Grilling in general • Always grill with the maximum temperature setting. WARNING! • Always put the deep pan with trivet Always grill with the oven onto the second or third shelf door opened.
  • Page 22 11.1 Notes on cleaning WARNING! Keep children away when • Clean the front of the appliance with a you clean the oven at a high soft cloth with warm water and a temperature. The oven cleaning agent. surface becomes very hot •...
  • Page 23 ENGLISH 11.6 Removing and cleaning the door glasses - main oven The door glass in your product can be different in type and shape from the example you see in the image. The number of glasses can also be different. 1.
  • Page 24: Troubleshooting

    The back lamp 2. Clean the glass cover. 3. Replace the oven lamp with a The lamp glass cover is at suitable 300 °C heat-resistant oven the back of the cavity. lamp. Use the same oven lamp type. 1. Turn the lamp glass cover 4.
  • Page 25: Installation

    ENGLISH Problem Possible cause Remedy The lamp does not operate. The lamp is defective. Replace the lamp. It takes too long to cook the The temperature is too low Adjust the temperature if dishes or they cook too or too high. necessary.
  • Page 26 13.4 The stability chain CAUTION! Install the stability chain to prevent the appliance from tilting. The stability chain only works when the appliance is put in a correct area. 1. Measure down 180 mm from the appliance top surface, then measure right 30 mm.
  • Page 27 ENGLISH BURNER NORMAL POWER Natural Gas INJECTOR MARK 1/100 Btu/h Triple Crown 11600 Grill 9212 Top Oven 5804 Main Oven 5804 13.7 Gas Connection Use flexible tubing, which comply with the BS.669 Use a flexible pipe in compliance with current edition. the regulation in force.
  • Page 28: Energy Efficiency

    1. Put in the deep pan and the trivet. 14. ENERGY EFFICIENCY 14.1 Product information for hob according to EU 66/2014 Model identification 17166GT-MN Type of hob Hob inside Freestanding Cooker Number of gas burners Energy efficiency per gas Left Front - Triple Crown 52.8 %...
  • Page 29 14.3 Product Fiche and information for ovens according to EU 65-66/2014 Supplier's name Model identification 17166GT-MN Top oven: 95.0 Energy Efficiency Index Main oven: 90.0 Top oven: A Energy efficiency class Main oven: A Top oven: 1.35 kWh/cycle...
  • Page 30: Environment Concerns

    – When the cooking duration is – Use the residual heat to warm up longer than 30 minutes, reduce other foods. the oven temperature to • Keep food warm - if you want to use minimum, 3 - 10 minutes before...
  • Page 31 ENGLISH...
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