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Installation Procedure
iR C6800 Series
Jan 20 2005


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  • Page 1 Installation Procedure iR C6800 Series Jan 20 2005...
  • Page 3 When changes occur in applicable products or in the contents of this manual, Canon will release technical information as the need arises. In the event of major changes in the contents of this manual over a long or short period, Canon will issue a new edition of this manual.
  • Page 4 Introduction Symbols Used This documentation uses the following symbols to indicate special information: Symbol Description Indicates an item of a non-specific nature, possibly classified as Note, Caution, or Warning. Indicates an item requiring care to avoid electric shocks. Indicates an item requiring care to avoid combustion (fire). Indicates an item prohibiting disassembly to avoid electric shocks or problems.
  • Page 5 Introduction The following rules apply throughout this Service Manual: 1. Each chapter contains sections explaining the purpose of specific functions and the relationship between electrical and mechanical systems with reference to the timing of operation.  In the diagrams, represents the path of mechanical drive; where a signal name accompanies the symbol , the arrow indicates the direction of the electric signal.
  • Page 7: Table Of Contents

    Contents Contents 第 1 章 Installation Procedure 1.1 Making Pre-Checks ............................... 2 1.1.1Selecting the Site of Installation........................2 1.1.2Installation Environment ..........................4 1.1.3Checking the Contents............................. 4 1.2 Unpacking and Installation............................ 7 1.2.1Before Starting the Work ..........................7 1.2.2Unpacking the Machine........................... 7 1.2.3Mounting the Pickup Assembly ........................
  • Page 8 Contents 1.5.3Installation ..............................41 1.5.4Using the Card Reader in Combination with NetSpot Accountant (hereafter, NSA) ........42 1.6 Installing the NE Controller-A1 ......................... 44 1.6.1NE Controller-A1 Installation Procedure ..................... 44 1.7 Installing the Original Tray ..........................50 1.7.1Checking the Contents ..........................50 1.7.2Installation ..............................
  • Page 9 Chapter 1 Installation Procedure...
  • Page 10: Making Pre-checks

    Chapter 1   1.1 Making Pre-Checks 1.1.1 Selecting the Site of Installation 0002-6395 iR C6800C / iR C6800CN / iR 5800C / iR 5800CN Be sure that the site of installation satisfies the following requirements; if possible, visit the user's before delivery of the machine: - There must be a properly grounded power outlet that is rated as indicated (+/-10%) and that may be used exclusively by the machine.
  • Page 11 Chapter 1 10cm 50cm 50cm 50cm 210cm min F-1-1 - Copier [1] + Punch Unit [2] + Finisher [3] + Side Deck [4] 10cm 50cm 50cm 50cm 310cm F-1-2 - The machine will be placed on the side of the slope plate having a pin hole [1]. Be sure that the space will be on this side (left side).
  • Page 12: Installation Environment

    Chapter 1   Front F-1-3 1.1.2 Installation Environment 0002-6399 iR C6800C / iR C6800CN / iR 5800C / iR 5800CN Be sure that the environment of the site meets the following requirements: (%RH) ˚C (32) (50) (59) (68) (86) (˚F) F-1-4 [1] Humidity [2] Temperature...
  • Page 13 Chapter 1 [10] [12] [15] [13] [14] [11] [20] [19] [16] [17] [18] [23] [21] [24] [22] F-1-5 [1] Black toner bottle (black; only for 100/230V AU model)..1 pc. [2] Color toner cartridge (cyan, magenta, yellow; only for 100V/230V AU model)........1 pc. each [3] Black developing assembly (black)......1 pc.
  • Page 14 [12] QR sheet (100-V model only) ........1 pc. [13] Power cord (230-V model only) ........1 pc. [14] Service book ..........1 pc. [15] User's Manual ..........1 pc. [16] Grip ............2 pc. [17] Pickup assembly face place ........2 pc. [18] Delivery assembly face plate .........2 pc. [19] Binding screw (M4x8) .........2 pc.
  • Page 15: Before Starting The Work

    Chapter 1 Unpacking Installation 1.2.1 Before Starting the Work 0002-6409 iR C6800C / iR C6800CN / iR 5800C / iR 5800CN Keep the following in mind when installing the F-1-6 machine: 3) While holding the grips on the pickup side (front, 1.
  • Page 16 Chapter 1   Check to make sure that the caster [1] has not rolled off the skid [2]. Also, be sure that it has not ridden over the edge [3] of the skid. F-1-8 5) Move the machine in the direction of the arrow; then, take out the 2 slope plates [2] from the middle of the skid [1].
  • Page 17 Chapter 1 F-1-13 12) Remove the 2 screws [1], and rear right cover [2]. F-1-16 15) Shift down the 2 grips [1] on the delivery side as shown so that they are inside the machine. F-1-14 13) Fit the 2 grips [1] you removed in the foregoing step in the compartment [2] found at the rear right of the machine.
  • Page 18: Mounting The Pickup Assembly

    Chapter 1   1.2.3 Mounting the Pickup Assembly 0002-6414 iR C6800C / iR C6800CN / iR 5800C / iR 5800CN 1) Detach the 3 shipping tags [1] from the right rear lower cover. F-1-21 F-1-19 3) Close the upper right cover and the lower right 2) Open the upper right cover [1] and the lower right cover.
  • Page 19: Mounting The Scanner System

    Chapter 1 - When mounting the left deck locking plate, take care not to trap the left deck cable by the plate. (To facilitate the work, try lightly pushing down on the deck cable.) - Pull lightly on the deck cable to see that the cable is not trapped.
  • Page 20 Chapter 1   3) Push the release button [1] of the right deck, and slide out the right deck [2]. F-1-30 8) Remove the 3 screws [1]. F-1-27 4) Remove the screw [1] found at the lower right; then, detach the front cover strap [2]. F-1-31 9) Close the black toner supply cover [1];...
  • Page 21 Chapter 1 F-1-36 14) Hold the drum fixing member [1] in place using F-1-33 the drum stop tool [2]. Then, using a screwdriver, remove the drum fixing screw [3]. 11) Disconnect the 4 connectors [1] found at the upper As shown in the figure, be sure to remove the left.
  • Page 22 Chapter 1   F-1-38 F-1-41 16) Remove the 3 binding screws (M4x8) [1]. 19) Push the 2 slide-out hook [1] found on both sides of the fixing/feeding assembly, and fully slide out the fixing/feeding assembly [2]. F-1-39 17) Shift down the fixing/feeding assembly releasing lever [1] in the direction of the arrow.
  • Page 23: Mounting The Color Developing Assemblies

    Chapter 1 color developing assembly fitted in place, the anti- stray sheet attached to the sleeve of the color developing assembly can come off by friction against the photosensitive drum. Be sure to turn the developing rotary always in counterclockwise direction.
  • Page 24 Chapter 1   F-1-46 5) Remove the 2 screws [1], and open the 2 developing assembly arms [2] in the direction of the F-1-48 arrow. Be sure to fix the developing fixing arm in place 7) Place A3 paper on a smooth table, and place the with a screw before turning the developing rotary.
  • Page 25 Chapter 1 in the direction of the arrows; then, fix them in place using 2 screws [2]. F-1-50 10) Check for scratches on the developing cylinder while turning the developing cylinder gear [1] 5 to 6 F-1-53 times in the direction of the arrow. The work also serves to even out the starter inside the unit.
  • Page 26: Mounting The Black Developing Assembly

    Chapter 1   F-1-57 F-1-55 2) Hold the black developing assembly in lengthwise 16) Fix the torque limiter in place using a screw [1]. direction, and take it out of its package box. - The machine's black developing assembly is equipped with a potential sensor.
  • Page 27 Chapter 1 F-1-59 4) Turn the developing cylinder gear by hand to look for scratches on the cylinder. 5) Peel off the tape [2] used to keep the high-voltage cable [1] in place. F-1-61 F-1-60 When fitting the black developing assembly in the 6) Hold the black developing assembly [1] by both its machine, try keeping the high-voltage cable [1] on top ends;...
  • Page 28 Chapter 1   F-1-66 F-1-63 11) Remove the paper put between the photosensitive drum and the developing rotary. 8) Route the high-voltage cable [1] of the black 12) Fit the protrusion [1] of the included black developing assembly along the side of the toner assembly locking plate into the positioning hole [2] supply mouth [2].
  • Page 29: Mounting The Process Unit

    Chapter 1 14) Close the process unit. Take care not to trap the cable found at the right front of the machine by the process unit. Be sure to close the process unit while the front cover is fully open. If you cannot fit the process unit al the way to the rear, go through the following: Slide out the process unit, and turn the developing...
  • Page 30 Chapter 1   9) Fit the drum fixing member [2] to the drum flange [1]; then, hold it in place using the drum stop tool. Thereafter, tighten the drum fixing screw [4] using a screwdriver. Be sure to fix the protrusion [5] of the drum stop tool in place with a screw while matching it against the notch [6] of the drum flange.
  • Page 31 Chapter 1 F-1-79 13) Disconnect the connector [1], and remove the screw [2]. F-1-77 14) Take out the pre-transfer charging assembly [3]. Check the pre-transfer charging wire and the shielding 3. Be sure to attach the drum stop tool [2] to the back plate for soiling.
  • Page 32 Chapter 1   23) Close the right deck. 24) Slide out the fixing/feeding assembly. 25) Open the color toner supply cover [1]. F-1-81 F-1-84 19) Close the black toner supply cover [1]. 26) Fix the process unit cover [1] in place using the 2 RS tightening screws (M4x8) [2].
  • Page 33: Mounting The Fixing Assembly

    Chapter 1 1.2.10 Mounting the Fixing 5) Remove the 2 fixing nip releasing screws [1]. Assembly 0002-6697 iR C6800C / iR C6800CN / iR 5800C / iR 5800CN 1) Slide out the fixing/feeding assembly fully. 2) Open the reversal delivery cover [1]. F-1-90 6) Check the fixing web for any slack;...
  • Page 34: Fitting The Black Toner Bottle

    Chapter 1   machine. 9) Mount back the fixing front cover and the fixing knob by reversing the work in step 7). 10) Close the middle cover. 11) Close the reversal delivery cover. 12) Close the fixing/feeding assembly. 13) Lock the releasing lever in place; then, close the front cover.
  • Page 35: Turning On The Main Power Switch

    Chapter 1 the environment switch [1] (so that the drum heater 1) In the case of the 100V model, connect the will go on regardless of the state of the main power grounding wire to ground the machine. switch [2]). 2) Connect the machine's power plug to the power outlet, and turn on the main power [1].
  • Page 36: Changing The Deck Paper Size (right, Left)

    Chapter 1   3) Turn the paper size dial [2] to suit the desired paper 7) Deposit paper in the cassette; then, slide the size. cassette back into the machine. 8) As necessary, perform the same work for the other cassette.
  • Page 37: Fitting The Color Toner Cartridge

    Chapter 1 (A4=0, B5=1, LTR=2). 8) Press the Reset key twice to end service mode. 1) Open the front cover. 2) Push the release button, and slide out the right deck. 1.2.16 Fitting the Color 3) Remove the screws [4] (3 pc. in total), and detach the rear end guide plate [1], left guide plate [2], and Toner Cartridge 0002-6703...
  • Page 38: Supplying Black Toner

    Chapter 1   4) Open the front cover. "Set the Toner Cartridge." 5) Open the color toner supply cover [1]. 13) Repeat steps 4) through 9 to set the M toner cartridge. 1.2.17 Supplying Black Toner 0002-6727 iR C6800C / iR C6800CN / iR 5800C / iR 5800CN 1) Check to see that the warm-up period is over (i.e., F-1-108 Keep paper in the machine so that the control panel...
  • Page 39: Checking The Image/operation

    Chapter 1 - When a message has appeared asking you to remove the printout, remove it from the copyboard glass. - Do not turn off the power switch while the machine 6) Press [test print 2]. is in operation. In a while, the machine prints out Test Print 2. - If the machine is turned off, the ITB may carry a 7) Place the printout of Test Print 2 on the copyboard deposit of toner, which can cause image faults.
  • Page 40 Chapter 1   1.2.22 Adjusting [1] Paper feed direction 5) Tighten the screw. Horizontal Registration 0002-6734 6) Close the upper right cover and the lower right cover. iR C6800C / iR C6800CN / iR 5800C / iR 5800CN 7) Fit the cassette 3 back in. Adjust the horizontal registration as follows according - Cassette 4 to the source of paper:...
  • Page 41 Chapter 1 registration. image F-1-115 [1] Paper feed direction 5) If the output is not as indicated, make the following adjustments: F-1-117 4) Check to make sure that the horizontal registration (left/right marking; L1) of the copy made on paper from the right deck is 2.5 +/-1.5 mm.
  • Page 42 Chapter 1   registration (left/right margin) by 1.0 mm. 1.2.23 Adjusting Leading Edge 6) Tighten the 2 screws you loosened in step 3). Registration 7) Close the right deck. 0002-6735 - Manual Feed Tray iR C6800C / iR C6800CN / iR 5800C / iR 5800CN 1) Loosen the 2 screws [1], and move the slide guide [2] to adjust the horizontal registration.
  • Page 43: If Not Connected To A Network

    Chapter 1 Be sure to match the front edge of the service book case against the front edge of the base plate of the machine. F-1-125 4) Fit the touch pen [1] in place on the control panel. F-1-123 Areas to Avoid - inside the machine (behind the front cover) F-1-126 - louver...
  • Page 44 Chapter 1   MEMO Memo If the machine is not connected to a network, its control panel will display the message "Check Connection to the Network." To disable the message, set the following service mode item to "0": COPIER> OPTION> BODY> NWERR-SW (level 2)
  • Page 45: Checking The Connection To The Network

    Chapter 1 1.3 Checking the Connection to the Network 1.3.1 Overview 0002-6738 iR C6800C / iR C6800CN / iR 5800C / iR 5800CN Go through the steps herein only if the machine is connected to a network. If the user's network is based on TCP/IP, use the PING utility to make sure that the Ethernet PCB has properly been installed and the network settings have correctly been made.
  • Page 46 or not. The term 'remote host address' refers to the IP address of a PC terminal connected to and operating on the TCP/IP network to which the machine is connected. 1) Inform the system administrator that you will be checking the network connection using the PING utility. 2) Ask the system administrator for the remote home address you can use.
  • Page 47: Troubleshooting The Network

    Chapter 1 1.4 Troubleshooting the Network 1.4.1 Overview 0002-6749 iR C6800C / iR C6800CN / iR 5800C / iR 5800CN Go through the steps herein only if the machine is connected to a network. If the machine's connection to the network fails, suspect the following causes: a.
  • Page 48 b. The connection of the network PCB is faulty: check the connectors used to connect the network PCB. c. The network PCB is faulty: replace the network PCB. If 'OK' is indicated, suspect a fault in the user's network environment; contact the system administrator for appropriate correction.
  • Page 49: Points To Note About Installation

    Chapter 1 Installing Card Reader-C1 1.5.1 Points to Note About Installation 0002-6804 iR C6800C / iR C6800CN / iR 5800C / iR 5800CN F-1-129 You need a Card Reader Mounting Kit-C1 for the 1.5.3 Installation installation. 0002-6753 iR C6800C / iR C6800CN / iR 5800C / iR 5800CN 1.5.2 Checking Contents...
  • Page 50 Chapter 1   saddle, and connect the connector [1]. F-1-131 F-1-134 5) Route the harness [1] of the card reader through the 8) Cut the section [1] of the right cover (upper) hole [2] in the card reader base. indicated in the figure using nippers. F-1-135 9) Mount the right cover (upper) you removed in step 10) Turn on the main power switch, and check that a...
  • Page 51 Chapter 1 COPIER>FUNCTION>INSTALL>CARD). 2) Make the following selections in Additional Function: system control settings>network settings>TCP/IP settings>IP address; then set up the following: IP address, gateway address, subnet mask. Take care. If you fail to register [system control group] and [system control ID No.], you will not be able to perform 'register card to device' as part of NSA setup work.
  • Page 52: Installing The Ne Controller-a1

    Chapter 1   Installing Controller-A1 1.6.1 NE Controller-A1 Installation Procedure 0003-6957 F-1-137 iR C6800C / iR C6800CN / iR 5800C / iR 5800CN 3) Remove the 4 screws [1], and detach the face plate Keep the following in mind when installing the NE [2] of the host machine's rear cover (upper).
  • Page 53 Chapter 1 8) If IC6 [1] is found on the PCB, shift bit 7 of the DIP switch (SW2-7) [2] to the ON side; otherwise, shift the bit to the OFF side. LED1 LED2 LED3 F-1-140 BAT1 LED5 LED6 LED4 6) Take up the slack from the cable used between the controller and its host machine;...
  • Page 54 Chapter 1   T-1-1 Notation Setting SW3-1 SW3-2 Description set the modem signal transmission level to -16 dBm. set the modem signal transmission level to -14 dBm. set the modem signal transmission SW3-1 right level to -12 dBm. set the modem signal transmission SW3-2 level to -10 dBm.
  • Page 55 Chapter 1 SW2 bits Setting SW2-4 SW2-5 SW2-6 SW2-7 See step 8). SW2-8 12) When LED5 [1] (red) has gone on, set the bits of the DIP switch (SW2) [2] on the PCB as indicated in the following table; then, press the push switch (SW4) [3].
  • Page 56 Chapter 1   LED1 LED2 LED3 BAT1 LED5 LED6 LED4 LED1 LED2 LED3 BAT1 LED5 LED6 LED4 F-1-149 F-1-147 15) Call the service station, and ask for initial setup work for the controller. (When a call arrives, LED4 13) Shift bit 6 of the DIP switch (SW2-6) [1] on the (red) [1] starts to flash.) PCB to the OFF position.
  • Page 57 Chapter 1 A press on the push switch (SW1) [3] while LED6 [2] 20) Attach the switch settings label [1] to the top cover is flashing will cancel the transmission. of the controller, and record the new switch settings. 21) Fix the top cover [2] of the controller in place LED1 LED2 LED3 BAT1 using 2 screws [3].
  • Page 58: Installing The Original Tray

    Chapter 1   1.7 Installing the Original 2) Hook the original holder [1] on the stepped screws you fitted in step 1). Tray 1.7.1 Checking Contents 0002-6801 iR C6800C / iR C6800CN / iR 5800C / iR 5800CN [1] Original holder ..1 pc. [2] Stepped screw (M4) ...2 pc.
  • Page 59: Installing The Key Switch Unit-a1

    Chapter 1 1.8 Installing the Key Switch Unit-A1 1.8.1 Checking Contents 0003-1366 iR C6800C / iR C6800CN / iR 5800C / iR 5800CN Key Switch Unit F-1-159 [1] Key switch unit ..1 pc. [2] Control key ...1 pc. 6) Cut off the section [1] of the right cover (upper rear) [3] Binding screw (M4x6) ..1 pc.
  • Page 60 Chapter 1   F-1-162 9) Route the harness [1] of the key switch through the wire saddle [2]. F-1-165 12) Mount the right cover (upper rear) you removed in step 5). 13) Connect the power plug, and turn on the main power switch.
  • Page 61 Chapter 2 Relocating the Machine...
  • Page 62: Relocating The Machine

    2.1 Relocating the Machine 0002-6757 iR C6800C / iR C6800CN / iR 5800C / iR 5800CN If you need to relocate the machine after installation, be sure to go through the following: 1) Remove all paper from the left/right deck and the cassettes. 2) Turn off the main power switch, and disconnect the power plug.
  • Page 63 Jan 20 2005...

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