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AEG CDK 4229 Instruction Manual page 5

Sing along cd-player
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8 PROGRAM button (CD programming)
9 REPEAT button (Repeat mode)
10 OFF.VOL. control (volume)
11 MIC VOL control (microphone volume)
12 CD compartment
13 OPEN – catch for opening the CD compartment
14 Indicator lamp PROGRAM
15 Indicator lamp REPEAT
16 LED display
Back (not shown)
HEADPHONE – Headphone jack
DC 6 V jack
Battery compartment
Start-up of the device/introduction
Select an appropriate location for the device, e.g. a dry, flat,
non-slip surface on which the device can be easily operated.
Inserting the Batteries (not supplied)
1. Open the lid of the battery compartment on the back by
releasing the screw on the battery compartment with a
screwdriver and then removing the lid.
2. Insert 4 batteries of type UM2/R14 1.5 V. Please ensure
that the polarity is correct (see the inside of the battery
3. Close the battery compartment again and tighten the
When the batteries are flat an "E" is shown in the display. In
this case please replace the complete set of batteries by new
• The batteries shall not be exposed to excessive heat
such as sunshine, fire or the like. Danger of explosion!
• Batteries can leak and lose battery acid. If the device is
not used for long periods of time, remove the batteries.
• Non-rechargeable batteries may not be charged.
• Chargeable batteries may only be recharged under the
supervision of an adult.
• Chargeable batteries must be removed from the toy
before they are charged.
• Different battery types or new and used batteries must
not be used together.
• Batteries must be inserted with the correct polarity.
• Spent batteries must be removed from the toy.
• Batteries are not to be disposed of together with
domestic wastes. Dispose of the used batteries at the
relevant collection bin or at your dealer' s .
• The terminals may not be short-circuited.
Operation with a Power Pack (not supplied)
• Make sure that the mains voltage and the polarity of the
power supply correspond with the information on the
type label of the device.
• Insert the power pack into the 6 V DC / 5 W connection
provided and then into a correctly installed power socket.
Transport Safety Device, CD Compartment
• Please open the CD compartment by folding open the
CD compartment lid to the front.
• Before operating the machine for the first time, remove
the transport safety device from the CD player if it is still
in place.
Headphone Socket
If you want to listen on headphones you should use head-
phones with a 3.5 mm jack plug inserted into the
PHONE socket. The loudspeakers are switched off.
Switching On/Off
Switch the device on by turning the volume control in a
clockwise direction and then adjusting the volume to the
desired level. To switch the device off, turn the control to the
left until it is heard to click into place. Then remove the mains
plug. You should also take out the batteries if the device is
not going to be used for a prolonged period.
Playing CD's
1. Open the CD compartment by folding open the CD
compartment lid to the front.
2. Set a CD onto the centering spindle with the printed side
facing upwards, so that the CD mechanically latches into
place. Then close the CD compartment lid. "- -" appears
in the display followed by the number of tracks. Press the
PLAY/PAUSE button in order to play the CD. The CD will
play from the first title.
3. With F.SKIP you can jump to the next or next-but-one
track etc. If the button is held down, the music search
4. The B.SKIP button can be used as follows:
Press once
= the current track is repeated from
Press twice
= jumps to the previous track.
Press three times = plays one track before that etc. If
5. In order to remove a CD, please press the STOP button,
open the CD compartment and lift the CD out carefully.
Always keep the CD deck closed.
the beginning.
the button is held down, the music
search starts.


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