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LG RC8182*V*Z Series Owner's Manual page 28

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Clothes are wrinkled
Clothes are shrinking
Lint is left on clothes
Excess static in clothes
after drying
Clothes have dried too long
Clothes have been left in the
appliance for too long after cycle
Garment care instructions are not
being followed.
Lint filter has not been cleaned
Laundry has not been sorted properly.
Appliance is overloaded.
Tissue, paper, etc., has been left in
Clothes have dried for too long
Drying synthetics, permanent press,
or synthetic blends.
• Over drying a load of laundry can lead
to wrinkled clothes. Try a shorter drying
• Use the Anti crease option.
• To avoid shrinking your clothes, always
consult and follow fabric care instructions.
Some fabrics will naturally shrink when
washed. Other fabrics can be washed but
will shrink when dried in the appliance.
Use a low or no heat setting.
• Remove the lint from the lint filter before
every cycle. With the lint removed, hold
the lint filter up to a light to see if it is
dirty or clogged. If it looks dirty, follow the
cleaning instructions. With some loads
that produce high amounts of lint, it may
be necessary to clean the lint filter during
the cycle.
• Some fabrics are lint producers (i.e., a
fuzzy white cotton towel) and should be
dried separately from clothes that are lint
trappers (i.e., a pair of black linen pants).
• Divide extra large loads into smaller loads
for drying.
• Check pockets thoroughly before drying
• Overdrying a load of laundry can cause a
buildup of static electricity. Adjust settings
and use a shorter drying time, or use
Sensor Dry programmes.
• These fabrics are naturally more prone to
static buildup. Try using fabric softener, or
use shorter Timed Drying time settings.



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