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Operation; Using The Appliance - LG RC8182*V*Z Series Owner's Manual

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Using the Appliance

Before the first cycle, set the appliance to dry for five
minutes to warm up the drum. Open the door between
loads the first few times you use the appliance to allow
any odours from the interior of the appliance to disperse.
Ensure the lint filter and water container are clean.
• The lint filter is inside the door rim. It needs to be
cleaned before each drying cycle.
• Open the door and ensure the lint filter is clean.
If it is not, please clean the lint filter.
• Also check if the water container needs to be
emptied for optimum drying results.
• Do not drink the condensed water.
• In some instances, LED window may display
(Empty water symbol) and the appliance may stop
because the water container is full.
Place laundry into the drum after sorting.
• The clothes should be sorted by fabric type and
dryness level and all the strings and belts of
clothes should be well tied and fixed before being
put into the drum. Push the laundry to the back
to keep it away from the door seal. Otherwise,
the door seal and clothes may be damaged.
Close the door.
• Be careful not to trap laundry between the door
and rubber seal.
Turn the power on.
• Press the Power button. The indicator icon
above the button will become illuminated,
indicating that the appliance is all set to run.
Select the drying programme you want.
• You can choose a programme by turning the
programme selector knob until the required
programme is indicated.
• If you press the Start/Pause button without
choosing a programme, the appliance will
proceed with the Cotton programme. Please
refer to the programme table for the detailed
Press the Start/Pause button.
After the cycle has finished, open the door and
remove the laundry.
Turn off the appliance.
• Press the Power button.



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