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Using Smart Function (Optional) - LG RC8182*V*Z Series Owner's Manual

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Using Smart Function (Optional)

Using the Tag On Function
The Tag On function allows you to conveniently use the
LG Smart Diagnosis™ and Cycle Download features to
communicate with your appliance right from your own
smart phone.
• The Tag On function can only be used with most smart
phones equipped with the NFC function and based on
the Android operating system (OS).
Installation of the application
• Search LG Smart Laundry&DW Global on the Google
Play Store from your smart phone.
Using the Application
LG Smart Laundry&DW Global application allows you to
use various features for your convenience.
• Cycle Download
• Smart Diagnosis™
• Tag On Cycle Set
• Laundry Stats
• Press
in the LG Smart Laundry&DW Global
application for a more detailed guide on how to use
the Tag On function.
• Depending on the smart phone manufacturer and
Android OS version, the NFC activation process may
differ. Refer to the manual of your smart phone for
• Because of the characteristics of NFC, if the
transmission distance is too far, or if there is a metal
sticker or a protective case on the phone, transmission
will not be good. In some cases, NFC-equipped
phones may be unable to transmit successfully.
• The content found in this manual may differ depending
on the version of LG Smart Laundry&DW Global
application, and it may be modified without customers
being informed.
EU Conformity Notice
Hereby, LG Electronics European Shared Service Centre
B.V., declares that this Dryer is in compliance with the
essential requirements and other relevant provisions
of Directive 1999/5/EC. The complete Declaration of
Conformity may be requested through the following
postal address:
LG Electronics European Shared Service Centre B.V.
Krijgsman 1
1186 DM Amstelveen
The Netherlands
or can be requested at our dedicated DoC website:



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