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Emptying The Water Container; Cleaning The Cool Air Inlet Grill; Wiping The Moisture Sensor - LG RC8182*V*Z Series Owner's Manual

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Emptying the Water Container

Condensed water is collected in the water container.
Empty the water container after every use. Not doing so
will affect the drying performance.
If the water container is full, the
buzzer sounds while the appliance is operating. If this
should occur, the water container needs to be emptied
within the next hour.
Pull out the water container.
Empty the water container in the sink.
Push it back into the appliance.
Press the Start/Pause button.
icon glows and the

Cleaning the Cool Air Inlet Grill

Vacuum the Cool Air Inlet grill 3 - 4 times a year to make
sure there is no build up of lint or dirt that may cause
improper air flow.
• Warm air is exhausted through the ventilation grill.
• Adequate ventilation should be provided to avoid the
back flow of gases into the room from units burning
other fuels, such as open fires.

Wiping the Moisture Sensor

This device senses the moisture level of the laundry
during operation, which means it must be cleaned
regularly to remove any build up of lime scale on the
surface of the sensor.
Wipe the sensors inside the drum.
• Do not wipe the moisture sensor with abrasive
materials. Always clean the sensor with a rough



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