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LG RC8182*V*Z Series Owner's Manual page 6

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• Items that have been soiled with substances such as cooking oil, vegetable oil,
acetone, alcohol, petrol, kerosene, spot removers, turpentine, waxes and wax
removers should be washed in hot water with an extra amount of detergent before
being dried in the appliance.
• Fabric softeners, or similar products, should be used as specified by the fabric
softener instructions.
• Remove all objects from pockets such as lighters and matches.
• Never stop the appliance before the end of the drying cycle unless all items are
quickly removed and spread out so that the heat is dissipated.
• The appliance is not to be used if industrial chemicals have been used for
• Items such as foam rubber (latex foam), shower caps, waterproof textiles, rubber
backed articles and clothes or pillows fitted with foam rubber pads should not be
dried in the appliance.
• Before discarding an old appliance, unplug it. Render the plug useless. Cut off the
cable directly behind the appliance to prevent misuse.
• Dispose of the packaging material (such as vinyl and styrofoam) away from
children. The packaging material can suffocate a child.
• Remove the door to the appliance before the appliance is removed from service or
discarded to avoid the danger of children or small animals getting trapped inside.
Failure to do so can result in serious injury to persons or death.
Grounding Requirements
• For your safety, the information in this manual must be followed to minimize the
risk of fire, explosion, or electric shock, or to prevent property damage, injury to
persons, or death.
• The appliance must be grounded. In the event of malfunction or breakdown,
grounding will reduce the risk of electric shock by providing a path of least
resistance for electric current.
• The appliance is equipped with a cord having an equipment-grounding conductor
and grounding plug. The plug must be plugged into an appropriate outlet that is
properly installed and grounded in accordance with all local codes and ordinances.
• Improper connection of the equipment-grounding conductor can result in risk of
electric shock. Check with a qualified electrician or service person if you are in
doubt as to whether the appliance is properly grounded.
• Do not modify the plug provided with the appliance. If it does not fit the outlet, have
a proper outlet installed by a qualified electrician.



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