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LG RC8182*V*Z Series Owner's Manual page 27

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Clothes take too long to
Drying time is not
Greasy or dirty spots
are left on clothes
House fuse is blown, circuit breaker
has tripped, or power outage has
Appliance is overloaded.
Appliance is underloaded.
Heat settings, load size, or dampness
of clothing is not consistent.
Fabric softener is used incorrectly.
Clean and dirty clothes are being
dried together.
Clothes were not properly cleaned
or rinsed before being placed in the
• Reset circuit breaker or replace fuse. Do
not increase fuse capacity. If the problem
is a circuit overload, have it corrected by
a qualified electrician.
• Divide extra large loads into smaller
loads for better drying performance and
• If you are drying a very small load, add a
few extra items to ensure proper tumbling
action. If the load is very small and you
are using Sensor Dry programmes, the
electronic control cannot properly sense
the dryness of the load and may shut off
too soon. Use Timed Drying programmes
or add some extra wet clothes to the load.
• The drying time for a load will vary
depending on the type of heat used
(electric), the size of the load, the type of
fabrics, the wetness of the clothes, and
lint filter. Even an unbalanced load in
the appliance can cause poor spinning,
resulting in wetter clothes which will take
longer to dry.
• When washing laundry that is to be dried
in the appliance, use the correct amount
of fabric softener as recommended by the
manufacturer of the fabric softener.
• Use the appliance to dry only clean items.
Soil from dirty clothes can transfer to the
clean clothes in the same or later loads.
• Stains on dried clothes could be stains
that were not removed during the washing
process. Make sure that clothes are being
completely cleaned or rinsed according to
the instructions for your washing machine
and detergent. Some difficult soils may
require pre-treating prior to washing.



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