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Connecting The Power Cable; Replacing The Power Cable; Regulating The Gas; Contractors) - Bosch Therm 4000 S Installation And Operating Manual

Gas instantaneous water heaters
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CAUTION: Electrical storm!
▶ The appliance must have an
independent connection in the electric
box, protected by a differential safety
switch of 30 mA and ground line. In areas
with frequent electrical storms, a
protector against electrical storms must
also be fitted.

Connecting the power cable

The electrical connection must be done in
accordance with the current rules on
domestic electrical installations.
▶ An earth connection is essential.
▶ Connect the power cable to a power socket with an earth

Replacing the power cable

If the power cable is damaged, it must be
replaced with an original spare part.
▶ Disconnect the power cable from the socket.
▶ Loosen the fixing screw of the cable to the casing of the
▶ Remove the front of the appliance (fig. 18, page 20).
▶ Loosen the control box from the support plate.
▶ Release the terminals of the supply cable to the control
▶ Remove the supply cable and replace it with a new one.
▶ Fit the front of the appliance.
▶ Check that it is working properly.
Regulating the gas (only for qualified



Factory regulation

The sealed components must not be broken.
The appliances are supplied having been set in the factory for
the values shown on the rating plate.
Therm 4000 S
Regulating the gas (only for qualified contractors) | 17
Liquid gas
The appliances must not be operated if the
dynamic connection pressure is:
Propane: less than 25 mbar or greater than
45 mbar
-Butane: less than 20 mbar or greater than
35 mbar.
▶ The operations described below must only
be carried out by a qualified contractor.

Service function

Accessing the service function
▶ Press and hold down at the same time
for 3 seconds.
Fig. 16
Service function
Display with indication "P2".
The service function is activated.

Adjusting the appliance

Always start the adjustment by P1 followed
by P2.

7.3.1 Access to the pressure heads

▶ Remove the front of the appliance (see page 20).
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