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5.10 Commissioning Of The Appliance; Electrical Connection; Contractors) - Bosch Therm 4000 S Installation And Operating Manual

Gas instantaneous water heaters
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16 | Electrical connection (only by qualified contractors)
▶ Connect the communication cable to the remote control.
Fig. 14
[1] Remote control front cover
[2] Remote control back cover
[3] Communication cable
▶ Close the remote control.
Connecting the communication cable to the appliance
▶ Connect the communication cable to the appliance.
Fig. 15
The remote control connection is concluded.

5.10 Commissioning of the appliance

Hot water
Open the gas and water shut-off valves and check the tightness
of all the connections.
Place the ON/OFF button (fig. 6) in the operating position
(chapter 3.3). The appliance is now ready to operate.
When a hot water tap is turned on, the passage of water
through the flow sensor (fig. 2, [12]) makes this send a signal
to the control box. This signal causes the following:
6 720 819 528 (2016/02)
The fan starts to work
Simultaneously, sparks are produced and the gas valve
(fig. 2, [13]) opens passage to the burner.
The burner lights. Initially only a part of the burner is lit.
The ionisation electrode (fig. 2, [4]) supervises the
presence of the flame
The temperature of the water is checked automatically by
the sensors based on the temperature selected
Safety shut-down when the safety time is exceeded
If it is not possible to obtain the flame within the safety interval
stipulated, a safety shut-down is carried out.
The presence of air in the gas supply tube (initial start-up of the
appliance or start-up after long periods of inactivity) may cause
a delay or difficulty in the ignition.
In this case and if the attempt at ignition is too long, the safety
devices block the operation and it is necessary to have the air
purged from the circuit.
Safety shut-down due to an excessively high water
The control box detects the temperature of the water through
the resistance of the NTC placed in the outgoing water tube. In
the event that it detects excessive temperature, it causes a
safety shut-down.
Safety shut-down due to defective flue conditions
The appliance detects defective flue conditions, causing a
safety shut-down.
Re-start after safety shut-down
To put the appliance back into operation after having caused a
safety shut-down:
▶ Close and re-open a hot water tap.
Electrical connection (only by qualified


DANGER: Due to electric shock!
▶ Before carrying out work on electrical
components, disconnect the power
supply (230 V AC) (fuse, circuit
breaker) and secure against
unintentional reconnection.
All the regulating, control and safety devices in the appliance
are factory supplied already connected and ready to operate.
Therm 4000 S



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