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Electrical Connection; Connection; Power Cable; Position Of The Fuses In Control Unit - Bosch Therm 6000 S Installation And Operating Instructions Manual

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24 | Electrical connection

Electrical connection
DANGER: Risk of electric shock!
▶ Always disconnect the power supply to
the appliance at the mains before
carrying out any work on the electrical
systems and components.
All regulation, verification and safety mechanisms have been
rigorously tested in the factory and are ready for use.
CAUTION: Fuse protection!
▶ The appliance should have an
independent connection to the
electricity mains, protected by a
differential 30 mA switch and be
earthed. In areas subject to frequent
storms, a storm protector should be


The electrical connection should be
according to current regulations regarding
domestic electrical installations.
▶ An earth connection is absolutely
▶ Connect the feed cable to an earthed power point.

Power cable

The appliance is provided with a labelled power cord and
earthed mains plug.
If the power cable gets damaged it must be
replaced by a genuine spare part.
6 720 800 095 (2015/11)
Fig. 38
Power cable connections

Position of the fuses in control unit

To check fuses, proceed as follows;
▶ Remove the front cover, see Fig. 23.
▶ Remove the three screws from the control unit (Fig. 39 and
Fig. 40, [1]).
Fig. 39
▶ Remove the six screws from the back cover of the control
unit, see Fig. 40, [2].
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