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Key To Symbols And Safety Instructions; Key To Symbols; General Safety Instructions - Bosch Therm 4000 S Installation And Operating Manual

Gas instantaneous water heaters
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Key to symbols and safety instructions


Key to symbols

Warnings in this document are identified by a
warning triangle printed against a grey
Keywords at the start of a warning indicate
the type and seriousness of the ensuing risk
if measures to prevent the risk are not taken.
The following keywords are defined and can be used in this
NOTICE indicates a situation that could result in damage to
property or equipment.
CAUTION indicates a situation that could result in minor to
medium injury.
WARNING indicates a situation that could result in severe
injury or death.
DANGER indicates a situation that will result in severe
injury or death.
Important information
This symbol indicates important information
where there is no risk to people or property.
Additional symbols
Symbol Explanation
Step in an action sequence
Cross-reference to another part of the document
List entry
List entry (second level)
Table 1

General safety instructions

These instructions are aimed at the owner, specialist
technicians and those qualified in gas, water, electricity,
heating installations.
▶ Before use, read and keep the operation manuals
(appliance, heating controller, etc.).
▶ Read the installation instructions (appliance, heating
controller, etc) before the installation.
▶ Pay attention to the safety and warning notices.
▶ Pay attention to national and regional regulations,
technical regulations and directives.
Therm 4000 S
Key to symbols and safety instructions | 3
▶ Document works carried out.
If you smell gas
A gas leak could potentially cause an explosion. If you smell gas,
observe the following rules.
▶ Prevent flames or sparks:
– Do not smoke, use a lighter or strike matches.
– Do not operate any electrical switches or unplug any
– Do not use the telephone or ring doorbells.
▶ Turn off the gas at the meter.
▶ Warn your neighbours and leave the building.
▶ Prevent anyone from entering the building.
▶ Well away from the building: call the fire brigade, police and
gas supplier.
Use as per regulations
The appliance may only be used for the production of DHW for
human consumption in domestic installations or equivalent
with intermittent use.
The appliance can only be installed outdoors.
Any other type of use is deemed improper. No liability is
accepted for any damage as a result of this.
Safety of electrical appliances for
domestic use and similar purposes
The following requirements apply in
accordance with EN 60335-1 in order to
prevent hazards from occurring when using
electrical appliances:
"This device can be used by children of 8
years and up as well and by people with
reduced physical, sensory or mental
capabilities or lacking in experience and
knowledge, if they are supervised and have
been given instruction in the safe use of the
device and understand the resulting
dangers. Children must not play with the
device. Cleaning and user maintenance may
not be performed by children without
"If the power supply cable is damaged, in
order to avoid risks it must be replaced by
6 720 819 528 (2016/02)



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