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Wiring To Unit In Canada; Connecting The Supply Cable - Bosch PowerStar AE125 Handbook

Bosch water heater handbook for powerstar ae115, ae125
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Wiring to the unit in Canada
The unit must be installed by a qualified electrician, in accordance with the current version of the
Canadian Electrical Code. The unit must be grounded.
When the PowerStar is not within sight of the electrical circuit brea kers, a circuit breaker lockout or
additional local means of disconnection for all non-grounded conductors must be provided that is
within sight of the appliance. (Ref NEC 422.31.)
As per the Canadian Electrical Code, C22.1-02 Section 26-744, an auxiliary terminal block must be
fitted to the unit before connecting to the electrical supply. This is available as a kit from BBT, Part
Number "AE Canada Kit". (Contact 866-330-2729).
Fitting the auxiliary terminal block (see diagram below).
Connect the red wires from the left hand terminal of the new block to the L1 terminals in the unit.
(There are two red wires required in the AE115 and three in the AE125).
Connect the blue wires from the right hand te rminal of the new block to the L2 terminals in the unit.
(There are two blue wires required in the AE115 and three in the AE125).
Push and click the auxiliary terminal block onto the louvered rail in the backplate.

Connecting the supply cable

The AE115 requires an 80A 240V AC
single phase supply protected by an 80A
double pole circuit breaker.
The power cable size and the installation must be in acco rdance with the Canadian Electrical Code,
The incoming hole diameter on auxiliary terminal block can accept up to 1/0 AWG size cables.
The cable entry is via the 1 ¼ inch cable entry hole on the bottom right hand edge of the backplate.
Strip back the insulation on the power wires about ½ inch. Connect the ungrounded conductors to
the terminals "L1" and "L2" on the auxiliary terminal block.
The AE125 requires a 120A 240V AC
single phase supply protected by a 120A
double pole circuit breaker.

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