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Important Notes; Choice Of Installation Site; Regulations Concerning The Installation; Site - Bosch Therm 4000 S Installation And Operating Manual

Gas instantaneous water heaters
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Important notes

▶ Before carrying out the installation, consult the gas supply
company and the standard on gas appliances and
ventilation of rooms.
Water quality
The appliance must be used with water suitable for human
consumption in accordance with the legislation in force. In
regions where the hardness of the water is high, we
recommend the use of a water treatment system. In general,
the water parameters that affect the precipitation of lime must
meet the values shown in tab. 7.
TDS (Total Dissolved Solids)
0 - 600
Table 7
NOTICE: Damage to the appliance!
Non compliance with these values may lead to
partial blocking and accelerated aging of the
combustion chamber.

Choice of installation site

5.2.1 Regulations concerning the installation site
General indications
▶ Install the appliance outdoors.
▶ Comply with the specific determinations of each country.
▶ The water heater may not be installed on a heat source.
▶ Respect the minimum installation measures indicated in
fig. 11.
▶ Ensure that there is a socket for electrical connection in the
room and that it is easily accessible after the installation of
the water heater.
Combustion air
The air intake grill for the combustion must be located in a well-
ventilated site.
In order to prevent corrosion, the combustion air must not
contain any corrosive substances.
Substances classed as corrosion-promoting include
halogenated hydrocarbons which contain chlorine and fluorine
compounds. They may be found in solvents, paints, adhesives,
aerosol propellants and household cleaners, for example..
If these conditions cannot be guaranteed, a different site must
be chosen for the air intake.
Therm 4000 S
0 - 180
6.5 - 9.0
Installation (only by qualified contractors) | 13
Surface temperature
The maximum surface temperature of the appliance is below
85 °C. That means that, according to TRGI and TRF, no special
safety precautions are required with regard to flammable
building materials and fitted furniture. If regulations differ in
individual countries they must be observed.

Minimum distances

Determine the site for placing the appliance, considering the
following limitations:
▶ Maximum distance of all the protruding parts, such as
hoses, tubes, etc.
▶ Ensure good access during maintenance works
▶ Respect the minimum distances indicated in the fig. 11.
Fig. 11
Minimum distances to exhaustion points
Minimum distance to flue terminal (in mm)
Under the window
Sides of the window
Under an opening for inlet/outlet
Sides of an opening for inlet/outlet
Vertically between two flue terminals
Table 8
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6 720 819 528 (2016/02)



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