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Gas Connection; Altitude Of Installation Site Region; Remote Control Connection - Bosch Therm 4000 S Installation And Operating Manual

Gas instantaneous water heaters
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Gas connection

Non-compliance with legal standards
applicable may cause a fire or explosion,
causing material damage or personal injury
or even death.
Only use original accessories.
The gas connection to the water heater must absolutely comply
with the National Standards.
▶ First ensure that the water heater to be installed
corresponds to the type of gas supplied.
▶ Fit a gas shut-off valve at the entrance as close as possible
to the appliance.
▶ After completion of the gas network. thorough cleaning
must be done and a tightness test carried out to avoid
damage due to excess pressure in the automatic gas
system, this has to be carried out with the gas valve of the
appliance closed.
▶ Check that the flow and the pressure supplied for the
reducer installed are those indicated for the consumption
of the appliance (see technical data in tab. 6).
Installation with flexible tube (G.P.L.)
DANGER: Danger to life caused by gas leak!
▶ Proceed to replace the tube if you find
that it is dry and fragile.
▶ Replace the tube at least every four
The installation, if done with flexible tube (not metal), only for
appliances designed to be connected to a bottle of Butane,
must comply with the following:
must have a possible minimum length of at most 1.5 m;
the tube must comply with ET IPQ 107-1 and applicable
must be controllable all the way through;
must not come near areas where heat is released;
avoid folds or other bottlenecks;
the connection at the ends must be made with proper
accessories and tabs without grooves
▶ Check that the supply tube is clean.
▶ Use the accessory door rubbers (supplied) and a tab to
make the connection to the incoming gas of the appliance.
Therm 4000 S
Installation (only by qualified contractors) | 15
Installation with connection to a gas supply network
▶ In the case of an installation with connection to a gas supply
network, you must use metal tubes in accordance with the
applicable standards.
To make the connection between the gas supply network and
the water heater, you must use the accessory supplied.:
▶ Tighten the coil in the incoming gas tube.
▶ Use the end in copper to do the welding to the tube from the
supply network

Altitude of installation site region

To ensure correct operation of the appliance, it must be
indicated the region altitude of the installation site.
▶ Enter the Service function (section 7.2).
Display with indication "P2".
▶ Press
until the display shows "P4".
▶ Press the button
Display with indication "E".
▶ Press
until the display shows "AS".
▶ Press the button
Display with indication "1".
▶ Press the button
of the installation site according with below table.
Table 9

Remote control connection

The appliance should only be used after the remote control
More than one remote control can be
connected, if needed:
▶ Call a qualified contractor.
Connecting the communication cable to the remote control
▶ Open the remote control.
and select the region altitude
< 500 m
500 m - 1 000 m
1 000 m - 1 500 m
1 500 m - 2 000 m
2 000 m - 2 500 m
> 2500 m
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