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Menu Operation; Structure Of Main Menu; Selection Of Main Menu; Other Selection Modes - Haier HG-M201 User Manual

User manual
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3 Menu operation

This chapter will help you get to know the function and structure of the mobile phone's menu,
and detailed explain how to user-define the functions of mobile phone for meeting your needs,
moreover represent you how to use basic operation function.

3.1 Structure of main menu

The function menu of the mobile phone contains: Messages, Call history, Profiles, Settings,
FM radio, Accessories, STK.

3.2 Selection of main menu

At the bottom of the menu screen, press up/down/left/right keys to select, then press Select
key to confirm.

3.3 Other selection modes

In the idle screen, all function keys define the special menu function, which facilitates you to
directly enter menu function, illustrated as following:
The default shortcut keys of special function are as follows:
Function key
Left function key
Right function key
Up key
Down key
Left key
Right key
Send key
Power key
Center key
Long press number keys from 2 to 9
Number + #

3.4 Function table of menu

Call history
Items of function menu
Enter the main menu
Enter Contacts option list
Enter Call history folder list
Enter Contact list
Enter Profile list
Enter messages folder list
Recent dialed numbers
Return to idle screen or power on/off
Have events: short press to enter missed calls,
new messages, alarm and schedule screen; No
event: short press to enter main menu.
Speed dialing (2—9); enter the menu in the menu
mode; press 1 key to enter Voice mail.
Dial number in the specified position of SIM card
Cell broadcast
Missed calls
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