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Haier T3000 Manual

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Note to Users
Thank you for purchasing Haier mobile phone. It blends into a unity high technology,
stylish shape and versatility and is sure to add fun for your life.
For safe and efficient use of your mobile phone, please read this manual carefully before
use the mobile phone and keep it in a safe place for later reference.
The user's guide serves as a manual of operation instructions instead of a quality
certificate. Haier reserves the power of interpretation of any misprint, discrepancy from the
update, software upgrading and product improvement. Information contained herein is
subject to change without Note.
Compiled and printed by Qingdao Haier Telecommunication Co., Ltd. All rights reserved.
All rights reserved! To be held responsible for reprint.



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  Summary of Contents for Haier T3000

  • Page 1 Note to Users Thank you for purchasing Haier mobile phone. It blends into a unity high technology, stylish shape and versatility and is sure to add fun for your life. For safe and efficient use of your mobile phone, please read this manual carefully before use the mobile phone and keep it in a safe place for later reference.
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Table of contents ⅠImportant notes........Ⅱ Fast guides........... Ⅲ Mobile phone introduction....1. Use for the first time ........... 1.1 Insert the SIM card ........... 1.2 Switch on the phone ........1.3 Set time and date ..........1.4 Copy the SIM phonebook ....... 1.5 Charge the battery ...........
  • Page 3 6.1 Alarm clock ........... 6.2 Organizer ..........6.3 Calculator ..........6.4 Stopwatch..............6.5 Auto switch on/ off ......... 6.6 Infrared............. 6.7 Haier service ..........7. Multimedia......7.1 Camera ......... 7.2 Sound recording ..... 7.3 Picture album......... 7.4 Sound album ...........
  • Page 4 ⅤText or number entry ......... 1.1 T9 text input ..........1.2 Basic text input ............. Ⅵ Trouble shooting........Ⅶ Safety and General Information ............
  • Page 5: Ⅰimportant Notes

    ⅠImportant notes When using the mobile phone, the safety precautions below must be taken against possible legal issues and damages. SAFETY IN AIRCRAFT This product to an aircraft’s navigation system and its network would cause the interference. In most countries, using this product on board an airplane is against the law.
  • Page 6: Ⅱ Fast Guides

    Activate camera feature press briefly the side key ‘Camera’ in idle mode Activate haier fairyland feature press right key in idle mode Access haier universe option press and hold ‘0’ key in idle mode Events Same events may be change display of the idle mode (missed call, new message).
  • Page 7: Ⅲ Mobile Phone Introduction

    Ⅲ Mobile phone introduction 1. Use for the first time To use your mobile phone, you must insert a valid SIM card in your phone, and the SIM card supplied by your GSM provider or retailer. The SIM card contains your personal subscriber information, your phone number, and memory in which you can store phone numbers and messages.
  • Page 8: Charge The Battery

    1.5 Charge the battery Your phone is powered by a rechargeable battery. A new battery is partially charged and an alarm will warn you when the battery reaches low. If the battery is completely flat, the battery icon will only reappear after 2 or 3 minutes of charging. 1.
  • Page 9: Main Features

    otherwise it will not be displayed. ///// Auto switch on/off Appears when this feature is activated; otherwise it will not be displayed. //// Vibra Whether in profile mode or in sounds mode, this icon will be appeared when you activate the vibra alert feature, otherwise it will not be displayed.
  • Page 10: Activate The Silence Mode

    Press [ok] key select Settings > Sounds > Ringers, move up / down key to select a ringer in the list, then press OK to confirm your choice. Note: Press and hold Contacts/ring key (that is in the upper left corner of the keypad) to enter ringer list.
  • Page 11: Ⅳ Menu Operation

    Ⅳ Menu Operation 1. Contacts Your mobile phone has two phonebooks. The SIM phonebook is located on the SIM card and the number of entries depends on the card capacity. The second phonebook is built into the mobile’s memory and can hold up to 991 names. When entering new names in one of the contacts, they will only be added to the one you have selected.
  • Page 12 dial them from any location. To add a name in the phone: 1. Press [OK] key to enter the main menu in idle mode, select Contacts > Names list > New, or press down key to enter the Name list in idle mode, select New option to input first and last name (no more than 20-latin characters);...
  • Page 13 - Copy to phone to copy the selected name and all related information into the phonebook located in your phone. In the phone Select a name in the phone phonebook, then press [OK], to access one of the following options: •...
  • Page 14: Settings

    «Kids», etc.) and select the Melody and the Picture to be associated to this group. 2. Press and hold ‘CLR’ key to go back to idle, and then press down key to display the content of your phonebook. 3. Select a contact you wish to link to this group and press [OK]. Then choose Select group and select the group of your choice.
  • Page 15: Profile

    2.1.8 Equaliser This option allows you to choose from different audio settings, also available while a call is in progress. In this case, press [OK] key, select Equaliser, scroll through the list and wait a few seconds to hear the difference. Press [OK] key, to confirm your choice. 2.2 Profile This menu allows you to access a group of predefined settings, which let you quickly adapt your phone to your environment by changing several settings at once.
  • Page 16: Languages

    2.4.3 Set time Allows you to set the time by pressing the appropriate keys or press up or down key to increase or decrease the time minute by minute. 2.4.4 International clock Allows you to set the own time zone and foreign time zone. International clock display Allows your phone display the own time and foreign time of selected tone at the wallpaper and then press up or down key to select On or Off option.
  • Page 17: Security

    You can change the password via this menu. The first input the old and correct code and confirm it, then input the new code twice and confirm it. 2.7 Security 2.7.1 PIN protection This allows you to set the PIN protection On or Off. When On, you will be asked to enter your PIN code when switching your phone on.
  • Page 18: Network

    2.8.2 Voice command Instead of entering the various menus and browsing the lists, you can also set a voice tag that will activate a feature (e.g., launch the Calculator). You can associate a Voice command to all the functions supported by the Hotkeys. 1.
  • Page 19: Factory Settings

    2.9.2 GPRS attach This menu allows you to define the attach mode of your mobile phone to the GPRS service: Always on Your phone will always register to the GPRS service. This option allows faster GPRS connection. However it will increase energy consumption. For data calls Your phone will automatically register to the GPRS service only when required.
  • Page 20: User Dictionary

    The feature allows restoration of factory setting of your mobile phone, including condition setting, phone setting etc. Selecting factory setting will remove all your personal settings and only take effect upon your confirmation. 2.11 User dictionary T9® predictive Text Input is an intelligent editing mode for messages, including a comprehensive dictionary.
  • Page 21 If you want to clear any added linkman information, you can select this linkman and press OK to delete or change. In case, the ‘send to multi group list’ finished, select ‘Confirm list’ to confirm it. 3.1.3 Read SMS The Read SMS option in the Messages menu allows you to consult the list of SMS you have sent, received, read and that are first stored on your SIM card.
  • Page 22: Mms

    This menu allows you to customise your SMS via the options described below. SMS centre Allows you to select your default SMS centre. If not available on your SIM card, you must enter your SMS centre number. Signature Allows you to sign your SMS. By default, your signature is you phone number, added at the end of your message (which length is consequently reduced).
  • Page 23 Add subject: To edit and change or enter subject of your message. Save MMS as draft: To save your message as a draft, that you can edit, complete and send later on. Save as template: To save your message as a template, that you can use as a basis for other MMS.
  • Page 24 delete notifications before you have retrieved the MMS, or you will never be able to do so. 3.2.3 Outbox Lists the messages you have Sent or created but Not sent yet. You can View, Delete or Open the Details of all these messages. In addition, and you can Forward or Re-sent an MMS already sent. 3.2.4 Drafts Lists all messages saved as drafts after their creation, or automatically saved if you quit the MMS menu before saving or sending your message.
  • Page 25: E-Mail

    Slide duration Allows you to select the duration between each slide included in your MMS. Network account Allows you to choose a data profile from the ones you have set (see “Access settings” page 39 for complete information on how to configure or modify a data profile). This profile and the parameters it features will then be used for connection.
  • Page 26 OK to display these details. //// The text of the e-mail itself can be viewed as an attachment, press OK key to read it. There isn’t any advanced options in this situation. //// A text file (text only, «.txt» format) is attached to the e-mail, press OK key to read it. There isn’t any advanced options in this situation either.
  • Page 27 If you select the contacts «On SIM card», an edit window will allow you to enter e-mail address. Validate list When the required recipients name be added in the list, then select Validate list and press OK to enter the subject of your e-mail. In the next window enter the text of your e-mail. Press OK to confirm, as following option to select: Send now: send you e-mail to the selected addressee.
  • Page 28: Instant Message

    As a result, for this special treatment of the message, you must enter the type in both the District code and the Topics menu. 3.6 Haier worldlet This feature supplies you with various entertainment items. You can subscribe them through sending short message.
  • Page 29: Call Settings

    4. Call settings This menu allows you to set all the call options (call forward, waiting, etc.). You can enter follows menus: 4.1 Call forward Allows you to divert incoming calls either to your voice mailbox (see ‘voice mailbox number’) or to a number (whether in your contacts or not) and applies to: Data calls, Voice calls and Fax calls.
  • Page 30: Active Flip

    This function is subscription-dependent. Contact your operator. 4.7.2 With GPRS call Allows you to Activate or Deactivate the call waiting for voice incoming calls while a GPRS connection in ongoing. 4.8 Active flip Allows you to set an incoming call by active flip of the phone or no. 4.9 IP Prefix Allows you to set the prefix in order to make IP call.
  • Page 31: Call Info

    5. Call info. 5.1 Call list This menu provides you with the list of outgoing and incoming calls, as well as attempts at auto redialing and call details. The calls (made, missed and received) are displayed in chronological order with the most recent on top of the list. When the Call list is empty the screen displays List empty.
  • Page 32 5.3.5 Cost limit off Allows you to cancel the cost limit. It may be protected by PIN or PIN2 codes (depending on your subscription). 5.3.6 Cost limit Allows you to enter the cost limit used in the Show balance menu.
  • Page 33: Tools

    6 Tools 6.1 Alarm clock This menu allows you to set the alarm clock (three different alarm molds). Procedures are as follows: 1. Select one of alarm molds; press UP or DOWN key to activate it. 2. After activating the alarm, input time and press OK key. 3.
  • Page 34: Calculator

    6.2.2 Day view/Week view/Month view The Day view﹑Week view and Month view display in the respective format all events stored in your organizer. Select the view of your views and press OK key, once you entered the selected view, move left or right key to display the previous or next day, week or month. You can’t only review the old events, but also can create a new one.
  • Page 35: Haier Service

    OK key to confirm your choice and send selected data. 6.7 Haier Service You can inquire the Haier mobile service items by dial the local Haier service number or the Qingdao service number directly. The hot lines of the Haier marketing center countrywide will be changed, so please accord to the latest local telephone number that are published by Haier, or you can dial the number 0532-8939999.
  • Page 36: Multimedia

    7 Multimedia 7.1 Camera Your mobile phone features a digital camera that allows you to take pictures, store them in your phone, use them as wall paper or send them to your friends and relatives. Activate/deactivate the camera: press right side key to activate or press OK key and select Multimedia 〉Camera when your phone in idle mode.
  • Page 37 2 The number in the upper black bar of the screen shows its row. Press the following keys to continue operation: CLR key: To Delete the picture you have taken and return to preview mode. Camera side key: To save it in the picture album. OK key: To access the list of available options, which are: Save, Modify, Send it via MMS or E-mail or Infrared Ray, Take a new picture.
  • Page 38: Sound Recording

    will apply to your picture automatically. Night mode This feature allows you choose night mode On or Off. The default mode is Off. Self-timer This feature allows you choose Self-timer On or Off. 7.2 Sound recording This menu allows you to record a sound of 1 min. maximum, and up to 20 different sounds, depending on the Memory status.
  • Page 39: Memory Status

    Messages ringer: to set the selected sound as Messages ringer. Rename: to rename it; enter a name and press OK key to confirm your choice. Delete: to delete the selected sound. You can’t delete the sound in the standard melodies folder. 7.5 Memory Status This menu allows you to display the percentage of memory available in your phone.
  • Page 40: Entertainments

    8 Entertainments 8.1 Games This menu gives you access to the brick game. The object of the game is to destroy the bricks by hitting them with the ball. When you have destroyed the last brick, you access the next level. Keys used are the following: [4] and [6] to move the racket left or right.
  • Page 41 9.1.2 Haier zone This menu allows you to log on directly. 9.1.3 Bookmarks This menu allows you to store your favorite WAP site addresses, rename them if desired and access them quickly from the list. Select one address and press OK key, then you can connect to There are two ways to add bookmarks: one way is select Bookmark 〉Add new;...
  • Page 42: Stk Services

    Allows you to specify a proxy port number. Browser options This menu allows you to activate/deactivate the downloading of images attached to WAP pages. Select Never will speed up the global downloading time of the pages browsed. Rename profile This menu allows you to rename the currently selected profile: enter the new name, an edit screen automatically appears.
  • Page 43 ⅤText or number entry Text can be entered in editing screens in two different ways by using T9 predictive Text Input, or basic text input. Two other modes for numbers and punctuation marks, are also available. Icons appearing on the screen show the active text mode. 1.1 T9 text input T9 predictive Text Input is an intelligent editing mode for messages, including a comprehensive dictionary.
  • Page 44 Ⅵ Trouble shooting Problem Remedy The display indicates that the phone is locked. You need PIN code and PUK coke to unlock the phone. Contact your service provider. No signal You lose connection with your network. Your location may be a blind area(like in a tunnel or between high-rises) or not covered by the network.
  • Page 45 Problem Remedy No time settings Your phone has a standby battery powered by the main battery. If the main battery is removed, a full charged standby battery can stand up to seven hours. Remove the battery before your phone is turned off may lead to loss of information like time setting too.
  • Page 46 Ⅶ Safety and General Information Exposure to RF Energy Your phone contains a transmitter and a receiver. When it is ON, it receives and transmits radio frequency (RF) energy. The transmission power of mobile phone can be controlled with the GSM network.
  • Page 47 Avoid contact with antenna during a call. Do not use a phone the antenna of which is damaged. Touching a damaged antenna may cause slight burn. Ask a qualified technician or to replace the antenna for you. Use only genuine Haier parts.
  • Page 48 Do not touch the two poles of battery with metal (e.g. keys in your pocket) to prevent damage and injury result from battery short circuit. Do not fold or disassemble the battery. Do not throw the battery in fire or soak it in water. Responsibility User’s Responsibility Neglect may cause failure or injury.
  • Page 49 Use While Driving It is dangerous to using a mobile phone when driving, because when using a phone, you can not concentrate solely on driving. Give full attention to driving and to the road. If possible, park your car before using your phone, Check the laws and regulations on the use of phones in the area where you drive.
  • Page 50 Do not attempt to repair the phone or its accessories by yourself. You can dial the hot line number of Haier when your phone can not be operated normally. Always purchase and use Haier batteries and chargers.