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Electrolux EDS Installation Manual page 35

Efficient dosing system
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Pump-stand disassembly
Disconnect the power to the unit.
Before disconnecting, make note of all connections.
Remove the front of each pump by removing two captive thumbscrews per pump front. Remove the pump tubes. Re-
move the pump spinners.
Remove the cabinet of the pump-stand by removing four Phillips head screws, one at each corner and two at the bot-
tom of the pump tube.
Remove the Pump Interface (PI) printed circuit board (C) by sliding it out. Remove 2 Molex type wiring connectors by
depressing the locking tabs.
Remove the power wiring (B) by loosening the power terminal screws.
Remove the J1 cable (A) by depressing the locking tab.
Replacement of pump motor
Disconnect the power to the unit.
Leave the wires connected to the Molex plug and splice new motor wires in when replacing a motor.
Pump motors are secured to the cabinet front by four Phillips head screws. To add a new motor (add a pump to an
empty pump location), plug the motor wires into the appropriate locations in the Molex motor plug for that pump
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