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Installation On Compass Control And Compass Pro - Electrolux EDS Installation Manual

Efficient dosing system
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2.6.2 Installation on Compass Control and Compass Pro

Connect the power supply cable to the machine (A) and the other end of the cable together with the cable from Effi-
cient Dosing in a connection box or with plug and receptacle.
Connect one end of the cable to the EDS controller J2 and the other end to the machine (B).
If the machine IS NOT prepared for external dosing systems from factory the cable from the J2 port on the EDS con-
troller shall be connected to the RS232 port on one of the I/O modules in the machine. Follow the instruction for your
type of machine.
Connection to I/O module type 2
Disconnect the power to the machine.
Demount the cover panel at the back of the machine.
Remove one of the covers to the holes on the back of the machine. The location is different on different models.
The cable from the J2 port on the EDS controller shall then be run through the hole (A) and connected to the RS232
port on the I/O module.
Insert the cable and mount with the counter nut and cable gland according to the figure.
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