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Introduction - Electrolux EDS Installation Manual

Efficient dosing system
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Installation manual

1 Introduction

The Efficient Dosing System (EDS) is capable of connecting and synchronizing directly to the washer extractor with
Compass Control, Compass Pro or Clarus Control via a data cable. In Compass Control and Compass Pro any of
the RS232 connections in the control system can be used. In Clarus Control the X10 connection on CPU card A1
can be used.
The EDS controller automatically adjusts the chemical dosage rate up or down based on the weight instruction from
the washer extractor. This system will optimize the wash process, reduce chemical- and energy costs and deliver a
total cost solution to the customer.
Up to 50 wash programs may be stored with the EDS controller.
The EDS controller receives a signal from the washer extractor at predetermined times in the wash program.
Once a signal is received the EDS injects specific product(s) at that time in proportion to the weight of the linen as de-
termined via the automatic saving system.
The pump-stand operates on 115VAC / 60 Hz, 220VAC / 60Hz, or 230VAC / 50 Hz. It also supplies low voltage power
to the EDS controller and provides an interface for the optional Flush manifold.
The optional Flush manifold provides an alternative means of chemical transfer to the washer extractor. In flush con-
figuration, the EDS is an integrated water flush chemical dispensing system.
Installation time and cost is significantly reduced with the computer based Laundry Program Manager or Formula ed-
itor program that allows an off-site technician to create sets of wash programs that are loaded onto the EDS controller
via a standard USB stick. (16 GB or smaller). Summary reports can be created in Excel or HTML.



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