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Installation Of Flush Manifold (Option) - Electrolux EDS Installation Manual

Efficient dosing system
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Installation manual
The washer extractor is prepared for connection of external dosing systems or water re-use systems etc.
The connections are closed at delivery. Open the connections (A) that shall be used by drilling a ⌀ 6 mm hole where
the hoses shall be connected.
Make sure there is no burrs left after drilling.
Connect the hose from the right side of the pump to the connection to be used on the washer extractor.
When all hoses has been connected, use cable ties to strap the hoses to the connections to make sure they are tight.

2.5 Installation of Flush manifold (option)

The Flush manifold is recommended in locations where the tubes between the pump-stand and the washer extractor
is more than 10 m.
It can also be used for safety reasons in installations where dangerous chemicals are used.
The Flush manifold is used to flush the tubes clean when not in use.
Mount the Flush manifold on a suitable location under the pump-stand. The Flush manifold shall be mounted on the
wall by the wall hangers (A).