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Trouble Shooting And Service - Electrolux EDS Installation Manual

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6 Trouble shooting and service

Trouble shooting may only be carried out by qualified service personnel.
Disconnect the power and the water before carrying out any maintenance or cleaning on the units.
Do not adjust/rework items not listed in this trouble shooting without guidance from Electrolux service personnel.
If the supply cord is damaged it must be replaced, NOT repaired.
Circuit breaker
The pump-stand has a resettable circuit breaker next to the power cable on the pump-stand.
If the pump-stand stops working, check the circuit breaker and push to reset.
No product on signal
When trouble shooting for no product on signal:
• Confirm that calibration has been made correctly.
• Confirm that wash program amounts are correctly programmed in the EDS controller.
J1 and RS232 cable
Ensure that all cables are clean and corrosion free. Ensure there are no cuts or kinks which can indicate broken
wires. Always replace, NOT repair, damaged cables.
Flush manifold
When Flush manifold is used, water flow is sensed whenever the EDS controller calls for water flush. If no water flow
is sensed, or water flow falls below 2.5 l/min, all pumps will shut down. This provides a safety interlock in the event of
low water flow or other water flush system failures.
When connecting the Flush manifold the jumper harness is removed from the pump-stand and replaced with the
Flush manifold power cable.
Note that the pumps will not work at all if either the flush jumper harness or the Flush manifold power cable is
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