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Installation; General Safety Information; Symbols - Electrolux EDS Installation Manual

Efficient dosing system
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2 Installation

2.1 General safety information

These installation, operation and servicing instructions shall only be performed by qualified personnel.
The EDS system must be installed in accordance with all applicable electrical and plumbing standards. All wash-
er extractor and dispenser power must be disconnected and the units isolated during installation and/or any time
the dispenser is maintained or serviced.
• Always verify all voltage sources with a meter.
• Do not locate the pump-stand under plumbing fittings that could leak.
• Ensure that the installer has enough room to carry and lift the units when installing the EDS system.
• Do not pick up unit by supply cord.
• Wear PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) when dispensing chemicals or other materials or when working in
the vicinity of all chemicals, filling or emptying equipment.
• Always observe safety and handling instructions of the chemical manufacturers.
• You must follow all precautions as advised on the product safety data sheet.
• Always direct discharge away from you or other persons or into approved containers.
• Always dispense cleaners and chemicals in accordance with manufacturer's instructions.
• Always exercise caution when maintaining your equipment.
• Always re-assemble equipment according to instruction procedures. Be sure all components are firmly
screwed or latched into position.
• Keep equipment clean to maintain proper operation.

2.2 Symbols

Read the instructions before using the machine
Personal Protective Equipment symbol
Personal Protective Equipment symbol
Personal Protective Equipment symbol
Installation manual



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