Dvm System Series; What Is Dvm - Samsung RVMC060GDM0 Technical Manual

Dv m air conditioner
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Table of Contents
. Overview

1. DVM system series

1-1. What is DVM?

The DVM(Digital Variable Multi) air conditioning system is operated by a variable-capacity compressor
and is accommodated by multiple evaporators (indoor units). It is touted as the next-generation modular
system in the world of high-efficiency air conditioning. lt has undoubtedly changed the face of cooling
associated with high-storied buildings. It provides a broad range of different applications for settings such
as offices, hotels and schools. With its easy installation and simple controlling system, the DVM will more
than meet the demands of the air conditioning market.
Duct type (Low silhouette)
Duct type (High pressure)
Floor standing type
Ceiling type
Outdoor unit
Duct type (Built-in)
Wall-mounted type
1-way cassette type
4-way cassette type

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents