Wall-Mounted Type - Samsung RVMC060GDM0 Technical Manual

Dv m air conditioner
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Table of Contents
. Indoor unit
1. Features

1-4. Wall-mounted type

(1) BIO-components
Samsung air conditioners ensure cleaner cooling than any other air conditioner. The components of our air
conditioners (including the filters) have been treated with our unique antibacterial formula, which prevent
the proliferation of fungi and bacteria within the unit, helping to keep the unit clean, and to block odors
from developing. This process also extends product life span. Breathe with ease and enjoy the cool refresh-
ing air provided by Samsung air conditioners with Bio-components.
Bio pure air filter
(2) Features of wall-mounted type
1) Bio air cleaning system
Samsung air conditioners are equipped with
3-state filters for clean, fresh air.
The bio pre-filter is the unit's outermost filter,
uniquely treated with antibacterial agents,
catching most particles in the air such as dust.
The bio pure air filter grabs smaller particles
such as micro-organisms which may have
escaped the bio pre-filter.
The bio deodorizing filter further cleans and
deodorizes the air just before it enters the heat
Cross fan
Bio heat exchanger
Bio deodorizing filter
Long-life air filter
Washable front grille

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents