Preparation For Installation - Samsung RVMC060GDM0 Technical Manual

Dv m air conditioner
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Table of Contents
. Installation
1. Product

1-1. Preparation for installation

When deciding on the location of the air conditioner with the owner, the following restrictions must be
taken into account.
(1) General
Do NOT install the air conditioner in a location where it will come into contact with the following elements:
Combustible gases
Saline air
Machine oil
Sulphide gas
Special environmental conditions
If you must install the unit in such conditions, first consult your dealer.
(2) Moving the outdoor unit by wire rope
Fasten the outdoor unit by two 8m or longer wire ropes
as shown at the figure. To protect damage or scratches,
insert a piece of cloth between the outdoor unit and rope,
then move the unit.
Wire rope
Plate protection

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents