Cautions For Operation - Samsung RVMC060GDM0 Technical Manual

Dv m air conditioner
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Table of Contents
. Installation
10. Testing operation

Cautions for operation

Put the power 6 hours before initial operation so that the crank case heater may be heated.
When doing the retry of initial operation after main power off, start the operation 2 and half hours after power on.
If the heater is not heated, the operation can not be started for 2 hours after power on for
the protection of compressor. (
(1) Check the power between outdoor unit and distribution board.
(3 phase tester recommended)
Compressor power : L1(R) L2(S) L3(T) - red white black (Care must be taken so that
the color and order may not be changed.)
220V power: L N
(2) Check the indoor unit
Check whether the power source of each indoor unit and the communication cables are correctly connected.
(Communication cable marked as F1, F2)
- If the communication cable is changed each other with the power cable, it might cause the damage to PCB.
- There is no color marking on the power supply cable but be sure to check the color of communication cable
since the cable has the polarity.
Check whether the addresses are correctly assigned to each indoor unit.
- The address switch is available from "0".
- The address of each indoor unit shall be assigned differently.
Check whether the connections for temperature sensor, electronic expansion valve and drain pumps
are all connected.
(3) Check the outdoor unit
Set the numbers of indoor unit on the outdoor unit PCB.
- If there are all 3 outdoor units, set so that the arrow mark is shown on "3".
Check on the outdoor unit PCB whether the outdoor unit capacity code and Dip switch are correct.
(It is delivered with the setting in factory and so there is not necessary to set separately).
(4) Once the check of power supply, indoor and outdoor unit is completed, connect
to the outdoor unit the PC in which the A/S program is installed, and then put the
power of the outdoor unit on.
(5) Once the power is on to the outdoor unit, the outdoor performs the tracking to
check the connected indoor unit and options.
- At the time the left side of outdoor unit PCB display part shows the detection of communication response with 0 - F
address and if there comes the response, the address of indoor unit responded displays on the right side display.
(6) Once the tracking of approximately 20 seconds is completed, the following steps
are proceeded when comparing the numbers of indoor units set in PCB and those
responded through communication, if they are same, but if they are not same, E2
Error displays on the PCB display.
- For E2 error, check whether the indoor unit set switch on PCB is correct or whether the installation and
address setting is correct if there is an indoor unit not responding.
- Press Key3 after check and retry the Tracking.
(7) If Ch displays on the PCB display after tracking, it is the state of compressor not
preheated, which means the operation is possible after 2 and half hours.
(Supply the power and preheat the compressor).
displays on the PCB display part at the time.)

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents