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Replacing Humidifying Filter; Water Tray / Tray Cover - Hitachi EP-A5000 Instruction Manual

Air purifier with humidifying function
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The humidifying fi lter is a consumable part. Replace it using 24 months of use as a guide (cleaning is
needed once in every month).
Early replacement of the fi lter is recommended if it exhibits any of the following conditions despite periodical cleaning.
Heavy dirt, adhering water scale too hard to remove, harsh odors, damage or deformation
Depending on the quality of tap water used, the humidifying fi lter may be consumed extremely early.
Detach the case and replace the humidifying fi lter.
Do not dispose of the humidifying filter case.
To detach the case, push the 3 tabs.
Detach the case by opening in
Replacement humidifying fi lter
No. EP-DX40E-908
The humidifying filter is flammable. Dispose of the filter according to local regulations.

Water Tray / Tray Cover

Do not use any detergent.
Remove the tray cover.
Remove the tray cover from the water
Wipe off water and assemble.
Attach the tray cover to the water tray.
Do not use any detergent (neither kitchen nor laundry use).
When you mount the water tray on the unit, the tray should be empty.
Otherwise water may spill out.

Replacing Humidifying Filter

(Guide for cleaning: Once a month)
Tray cover
Water tray
Humidifying fi lter
Wash with water to remove dirt.
Drain water remaining on the try.
Use cotton swab or tooth brush to remove
dirt in the narrow parts.
Tray cover
Water tray

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