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Revision 1.0


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  • Page 1 ® RGA A PPLICATION ATEWAY ONFERENCE UIDE INT-31599 Revision 1.0...
  • Page 3 NEC Corporation of America has prepared this document for use by its employees and customers. The information contained herein is the property of NEC Corporation of America and shall not be reproduced without prior written approval of NEC Corporation of America.
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents ___________________________________________________________________________________ Chapter 1 RGA Application Gateway Conference User Guide Section 1 Introduction .................. 1-1 Section 2 RGA Application Gateway Audio Conference Administration ................1-1 Features ....................1-1 Logging On ..................... 1-2 Using the Menu ..................1-4 Account Profile ..................1-5 Resources Menu ..................
  • Page 6 Issue 1.0 SV8100 ___________________________________________________________________________________ 2.20 Accepting an Invitation ................. 1-26 2.21 Conducting Audio Conferences ............1-27 2.22 Joining a Conference ................1-27 2.23 Conference Dialout ................1-27 2.24 Cancel Dial Out ..................1-28 2.25 In Conference DTMF Controls ............. 1-28 2.26 Start and Stop Recording ..............
  • Page 7 List of Figures AND tABLES ___________________________________________________________________________________ Figure 1-1 Log In Screen ......................1-3 Figure 1-2 The Home Page ......................1-4 Figure 1-3 Account Profile Page ....................1-5 Figure 1-4 The Edit Account Profile Page ................... 1-6 Figure 1-5 Users ........................1-10 Figure 1-6 Add User Page ......................
  • Page 8 Issue 1.0 SV8100 ___________________________________________________________________________________ Figure 1-26 Transferring Selected Participants to Destination Conference ........ 1-37 Figure 1-27 Transfer Confirmation ....................1-37 Figure 1-28 Completed Transfer ....................1-37 Figure 1-29 The Service Reports Page ..................1-38 Figure 1-30 Report Details File ....................1-39 Figure 1-31 Service Summary Report ..................
  • Page 9: Introduction

    RGA Application Gateway Conference Chapter 1 User Guide ___________________________________________________________________________________ NTRODUCTION ECTION The System Administrator is responsible for configuring the conferencing application for their site. This material is covered in Chapter 5 of the SV8100 RGA Conferencing Solution Manual. This chapter provides instructions for a Moderator’s configuring RGA Conferencing Accounts.
  • Page 10: Logging On

    Revision 1.0 SV8100 ___________________________________________________________________________________ Select enter audio conference muted on/off etc.  Schedule recurring audio conferences via the Web Portal.  Use Microsoft Outlook iCalendar application to send invitations to  desired participants. Conduct audio conference with or without Moderator presence required. ...
  • Page 11: Figure 1-1 Log In Screen

    SV8100 Revision 1.0 ___________________________________________________________________________________ The system displays the Log In page, shown below. Figure 1-1 Log In Screen To manage your conferences, complete the following steps: Enter the Login Name (default: nuser). Enter your Passcode (default: nuser). Select Log in. The system displays the Home Page, which is pointed to Defined Conferences by default.
  • Page 12: Using The Menu

    Revision 1.0 SV8100 ___________________________________________________________________________________ Using the Menu The Home Page allows you to access the other screens, such as managing your profile and creating conferences. The Home Page also lists the existing conference rooms in your account. Figure 1-2 The Home Page The following sections explain the different tabs and associated drop down menus.
  • Page 13: Account Profile

    SV8100 Revision 1.0 ___________________________________________________________________________________ Account Profile This tab shows the various items associated with your moderator account. These include your contact information and other service defaults. Figure 1-3 Account Profile Page Managing your Profile This section explains how to update your profile. The Account Profile page allows you to control your personal information and view the privileges and defaults.
  • Page 14: Figure 1-4 The Edit Account Profile Page

    Revision 1.0 SV8100 ___________________________________________________________________________________ The Edit Account Profile Page To modify your profile, including changing your password, select Account Profile. The system displays the Account Profile page, shown below. Figure 1-4 The Edit Account Profile Page WARNING! For added security, change your password at the earliest possible opportunity.
  • Page 15: Resources Menu

    SV8100 Revision 1.0 ___________________________________________________________________________________ The Privileges on the right side identify the services that are turned on by the System Administrator for this account. Select or deselect the Defaults as applicable from the following. These Defaults will apply to any conference added by the Moderator, but do not change existing conferences.
  • Page 16: Services Menu

    Revision 1.0 SV8100 ___________________________________________________________________________________ Users Click on this tab to create users for your conference account. When a participant dials into your conference and his/her Caller ID matches the number on the associated User profile then his/her name will be displayed on the RealView portal.
  • Page 17: Realview

    SV8100 Revision 1.0 ___________________________________________________________________________________ RealView This is a real time view of your conferences. It will open in a separate browser window. On the screen will be Conference Controls and information about the attendees in your conference(s). For more information, refer to Section 2.33 RealView™...
  • Page 18: Creating Users

    Revision 1.0 SV8100 ___________________________________________________________________________________ Creating Users This section explains how to set up your users. Creating users is useful if you want to view conference attendees by name, based on their source number (commonly referred to as Caller ID). Caller ID information is not provided on calls transferred to the RGA ...
  • Page 19: Figure 1-6 Add User Page

    SV8100 Revision 1.0 ___________________________________________________________________________________ The Add User Page To add a user, click the Add button on the Defined Users page. The Add User page, shown below, will be displayed. Fill in the information for each user. There can be up to four phone numbers for each user. These numbers ...
  • Page 20: The Edit User Page

    Revision 1.0 SV8100 ___________________________________________________________________________________ 2.10 The Edit User Page To edit a user, click on their name on the Defined Users Page. Their user profile will be displayed. Make the desired edits, then click Submit to save the changes. Figure 1-7 Edit User Page ___________________________________________________________________________________ 1 - 12 RGA Application Gateway Conference User Guide...
  • Page 21: Using Conferences

    SV8100 Revision 1.0 ___________________________________________________________________________________ 2.11 Using Conferences You can create one or more conference “rooms” in your account. A “room” is defined by the Moderator and Participant Access code pair. Each “room” on the system must have a unique Access Code pair. Conference rooms are required for audio conferences.
  • Page 22: Managing Conferences

    Revision 1.0 SV8100 ___________________________________________________________________________________ 2.12 Managing Conferences The Conferences page, found under the Services Menu, lists the conference “rooms” you have defined. Figure 1-8 The Conferences Page The system displays the following information related to the conferences: A system-generated number for the conference ...
  • Page 23: The Add Conference Page

    SV8100 Revision 1.0 ___________________________________________________________________________________ To edit an existing conference, select the conference Subject to open The Edit Conference Page for the selected conference. To invite Attendees click on iCal to open a Microsoft Outlook or other iCal appointment window with the conference details already populated. The Outlook appointment will be emailed to selected invitees.
  • Page 24: Basic Settings

    Revision 1.0 SV8100 ___________________________________________________________________________________ Enter the name of the conference room in the Subject field. This name will be the  subject of the invitation when you invite users to the conference. 2.14 Basic Settings Access Codes You can set a Moderator Access Code and separate Participant Access Code to an easily memorized number or you can leave as “reset”.
  • Page 25: Figure 1-11 Play Entry Name As Screen

    SV8100 Revision 1.0 ___________________________________________________________________________________ file to be downloaded to be played in the default media player.) Select an Exit Tone. This tone is heard to Attendees when users leave  the audio conference. Select to preview the sound. (The web browser may require the ...
  • Page 26: Figure 1-13 Security Options

    Revision 1.0 SV8100 ___________________________________________________________________________________ The settings for when Participants enter the conference: Unmuted, Moderator-muted, or Self -Muted should be selected. Unmuted is set at default conferencing. Use Moderator-muted for Analyst Mode, or use Self Muted for Classroom mode. Security Options Figure 1-13 Security Options Check the Wait for Moderator to join box to indicate that the conference ...
  • Page 27 SV8100 Revision 1.0 ___________________________________________________________________________________ Check the Suppress tones for dialout calls box to prevent any digits  pressed (i.e., 31#) from being played in the conference. Check the Drop dial-out calls when call-in attendees depart box to  have the system originate the call termination on all outbound calls when all the inbound callers disconnect.
  • Page 28: Conference Scheduling

    Revision 1.0 SV8100 ___________________________________________________________________________________ 2.17 Conference Scheduling Unless the Schedule This Conference box is checked on the Scheduling Tab, the conference is On-demand. To schedule the conference, click on the Scheduling tab. Figure 1-15 Add Conference Page Scheduling Options There are two options for scheduling a conference. The first is to use the Quick Schedule.
  • Page 29: Figure 1-16 Edit Schedule

    SV8100 Revision 1.0 ___________________________________________________________________________________ Week Day(s) is used to set recurrence on specific days of the week.  Click on the days of the week to enable the conference during the scheduled time. Date is used if the next occurrence of the conference is a specific ...
  • Page 30: Figure 1-17 Scheduling A Conference

    Revision 1.0 SV8100 ___________________________________________________________________________________ Figure 1-17 Scheduling a Conference Select Submit to save the conference information, or Cancel to ignore the changes and return to the Defined Conferences page. ___________________________________________________________________________________ 1 - 22 RGA Application Gateway Conference User Guide...
  • Page 31: The Edit Conference Page

    SV8100 Revision 1.0 ___________________________________________________________________________________ 2.18 The Edit Conference Page The Edit Conference page allows you to edit an existing conference room. To open the Edit Conference page, go to the Conferences page and select a conference name for the conference you want to edit. The system displays the Edit Conference page, shown below.
  • Page 32: Figure 1-19 Inviting Users To Your Conference

    Revision 1.0 SV8100 ___________________________________________________________________________________ It is not required to create a scheduled conference in order to use iCal  and Outlook to invite users to your conference. These steps are explained assuming the use of Microsoft Outlook.  Other iCal applications will have similar, though slightly different, steps. From the Conferences Page, shown below, select iCal next to the conference room you want to use.
  • Page 33: Figure 1-21 Sample Outlook Conference Appointment

    SV8100 Revision 1.0 ___________________________________________________________________________________ The system opens an appointment in your default calendar program, as shown below. Figure 1-21 Sample Outlook Conference Appointment The calendar entry includes the following information: The name of the conference room in the Subject line ...
  • Page 34: Accepting An Invitation

    Revision 1.0 SV8100 ___________________________________________________________________________________ Select the Invite Attendees option, as shown below. Figure 1-22 Inviting Attendees using Outlook Begin typing names or email addresses. Or select To to use your Outlook address book to select participants to invite to the conference, as shown below.
  • Page 35: Conducting Audio Conferences

    SV8100 Revision 1.0 ___________________________________________________________________________________ 2.21 Conducting Audio Conferences There are several in-conference controls to enhance your conference. You can control conferences using the DTMF digit-based phone controls or by using RealView. 2.22 Joining a Conference To join a conference, dial the phone number of the main conference bridge.
  • Page 36: Cancel Dial Out

    Revision 1.0 SV8100 ___________________________________________________________________________________ Using your phone pad, dial 33#. This will drop the new user and return you to the original conference call. 2.24 Cancel Dial Out To cancel a dial out operation, press **#. You will either be returned to dial tone to begin a new dial out or return to the conference.
  • Page 37 SV8100 Revision 1.0 ___________________________________________________________________________________ Classroom Mode Classroom mode allows participants to enter a conference automatically self- muted. Participants can raise their hands, which plays a tone to let the Moderator know there is a comment or question. Participants can also unmute themselves to barge in.
  • Page 38: Start And Stop Recording

    Revision 1.0 SV8100 ___________________________________________________________________________________ To use analyst mode as a participant, do the following: Press 14# on the phone keypad to raise your hand. You will hear a con-  firmation tone that your hand is raised. Press 15# on the phone keypad to lower your hand. You will hear a con- ...
  • Page 39: Terminate An Active Conference

    SV8100 Revision 1.0 ___________________________________________________________________________________ Enter up to eight vote digits. Press #. To end the round of voting, press 56#. 2.29 Terminate an Active Conference This control allows you to terminate an active conference. Press *0# to disconnect all participants and the moderator from the conference call.
  • Page 40: Participant Dtmf Controls

    Revision 1.0 SV8100 ___________________________________________________________________________________ 2.31 Participant DTMF Controls The table below describes the controls currently available on the system for participants during a conference. Press the code into your phone keypad, including #, for each action. Table 1-1 Participant DTMF Controls Code Description Mute Self...
  • Page 41: Realview

    SV8100 Revision 1.0 ___________________________________________________________________________________ Table 1-2 Moderator DTMF Controls Code Description Lock conference Unlock conference Restore original conference (abort dial out) Start a round of voting Enter a series of vote digits (up to 8) End a round of voting Unmute all with raised hands Disable hand raise notifications Disconnect conference...
  • Page 42: Figure 1-24 The Realview Page

    Revision 1.0 SV8100 ___________________________________________________________________________________ To access the RealView features, select RealView from the Reports Menu. The system will open a new browser window and display the RealView page, shown below. Figure 1-24 The RealView Page You can show details, mute/unmute, disconnect, transfer, start/stop recording, and lock the conferences from the RealView page.
  • Page 43 SV8100 Revision 1.0 ___________________________________________________________________________________ The following Moderator controls are available during a conference on the web interface from the RealView page: Start Recording the conference Stop Recording the conference Mute or unmute a single or all participants Lock or unlock the conference Disconnects selected participants Transfer selected participants End the conference...
  • Page 44: Figure 1-25 Transferring Conference Participants Using Realview

    Revision 1.0 SV8100 ___________________________________________________________________________________ Recording Conferences using RealView When you add a conference room, you can indicate whether the system should record conferences. This control allows you to start and stop recording as needed during the call. Select the Recording icon to start recording the call. Select the Recording icon again to stop recording the call.
  • Page 45: Figure 1-26 Transferring Selected Participants To Destination Conference

    SV8100 Revision 1.0 ___________________________________________________________________________________ Select the transfer icon for the destination conference from the list, as shown below. Figure 1-26 Transferring Selected Participants to Destination Conference The system displays a dialog box to confirm the destination for transferring the selected participants. Figure 1-27 Transfer Confirmation Select Yes to complete the transfer, or No to cancel.
  • Page 46: Reports

    Revision 1.0 SV8100 ___________________________________________________________________________________ 2.34 Reports This section explains how to use the reporting features. The system creates reports for all conferences. The reports are listed on The Service Reports Page. This page provides links to Listen to Conference Audio Recordings, Detailed reports and View Diagnostic Logs.
  • Page 47: Figure 1-30 Report Details File

    SV8100 Revision 1.0 ___________________________________________________________________________________ Listening to a Conference Recording The Service Reports Page provides links to any recordings of your conferences. To listen to recorded conference, select the Listen link (or the number for multiple segments) next to the conference listed on the Service Reports page.
  • Page 48: Summary Report

    Revision 1.0 SV8100 ___________________________________________________________________________________ The total time the participant was connected  Any votes collected during the conference  2.35 Summary Report The Summary Report is used to quickly determine the number of participants in a conference. Add the number of inbound calls and the number of outbound calls for the total number of participants.
  • Page 49: Figure 1-32 The Detailed Service Activity Log

    SV8100 Revision 1.0 ___________________________________________________________________________________ Viewing a Conference Log The conference log provides details on when each participant joined and left the conference and the time of any in-conference controls. To view the conference log, go to the Service Reports page and select the View link next to the conference.
  • Page 50 Revision 1.0 SV8100 ___________________________________________________________________________________ THIS PAGE INTENTIONALLY LEFT BLANK ___________________________________________________________________________________ 1 - 42 RGA Application Gateway Conference User Guide...
  • Page 52 ® RGA A PPLICATION ATEWAY ONFERENCE UIDE NEC Corporation of America Revision 1.0...

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