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Appendix; Saving "Deactivate Call Forwarding" On A Function Key; Deactivating Call Forwarding With A Function Key; If Your Telephone Is Not Working Perfectly - Siemens Euroset 5020 Quick Manual

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euroset 5020 / SAR arab-eng-fra / A30350-M209-H301-2-3T19 / / 03.08.2006
(b) Changeable call forwarding
o ;
Enter the phone number of the forwarded call
destination, press the last number redial key to
mark the end of the phone number entered.
You may hear an announcement that the
service is activated.
Replace the handset.
Incoming calls will be forwarded from now on
to the forwarded call destination. Your tele-
phone will not ring.

Saving "Deactivate call forwarding" on a function key

The call forwarding, as described in the previous example,
can be deactivated again with your network provider e.g.
with key sequence
You can save this key sequence on a dedicated repertory key
as well. If the symbol display is activated and the service is
activated as described, the
pears after the service is deactivated.
Initiate function.
Press the repertory key that is designated for
symbol display "
vating the symbol display for additional serv-
ices" on page 7.
Enter the select function for "Immediate call
Press the Set key.

Deactivating call forwarding with a function key

Lift handset, press the Shift key.
Press the repertory key for symbol display
off". Replace handset.
symbol disappears. You may hear an announcement
that the service is deactivated.
symbol in the display disap-
off", see "Deactivating/acti-


To clean, wipe with a moist or antistatic cloth only, never
with a dry cloth (risk of electrostatic charging and
discharge) or harsh cleaning agent.

If your telephone is not working perfectly

No signal tone: The tone volume might be set to 0.
Lift handset, no dialling tone: Is the connecting lead
correctly plugged into the telephone and the telephone
Dialling tone audible but telephone will not dial:
The connection is OK. Is the dialling mode set correctly
(see page 5)?
PABX only: No connection or incorrect connection when
dialling from memory (e.g. redial, speed dial):
Program external line prefixe.
The other party cannot hear you: Have you pressed the
Mute key? Press the key again. Is the plug from the handset
cord inserted correctly?
Recall key does not work: Set appropriate flash time.
The caller's phone number and the calls list are not
Is the adapter connected (see page 2)?
Can Calling Line Identification be used (see page 6)?
Insert strips
Blank insert strips for the repertory keys can be found on the
Internet at
If you should encounter any problems when operating the
telephone connected to a communication system with
analogue network access, please contact the network
operator responsible or your dealer.
TThe telephone you have purchased is designed for
operation in your country, as marked on the packaging and
on the unit.

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